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How an Expat Here Uses Darien Examples to Describe America’s Exotic Real Estate Culture to Irish Back Home

Clodagh McCoole Irish Times
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On the first floor (ground floor) there aren’t doors between the rooms. There often aren’t any fences between properties. Or lights on the ceiling. And why aren’t there any curtains up? For an Irishwoman and her husband coming to America, there were a lot of new things to get used to, Darien Realtor and Irish native Clodagh McCoole wrote in a July 4 article in the Irish Times. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Will Having a Swimming Pool Help You Sell Your Home? Farrell on Real Estate

Swimming Pool Real Estate Diane Farrell
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After living through our recent heat wave here in Fairfield County, one might seriously contemplate installing a backyard pool (or perusing one of the 60 homes on the market in Darien with a pool). (more…) Continue Reading →

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