Darien Police Ford Interceptor SUV

More Unlocked Vehicles Entered Around Town Last Friday/Saturday Night, Nov 19 to 20

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Some thieves who go into unlocked cars aren’t afraid to branch out and enter a garage when a garage door opener is found in the vehicle, as happened overnight from Friday to Saturday on Holly Lane.

The incident was one of four reported the same day, after in the latest spate of overnight entries into unlocked vehicles in Darien. Here’s how police described each incident, all of which took place on nearby streets:

Cooking advice for Thanksgiving turkeys

Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely — Advice from Darien Health Department

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Some advice on keeping your Thanksgiving food healthy — information passed on by Mindy Chambrelli, a registered sanitarian at Darien Health Department:
Last year, more than 46 million turkeys were carved and eaten at Thanksgiving. Turkey is typically accompanied by a host of side dishes and desserts, making the Thanksgiving meal by far one of the largest meals most people will cook all year.  Please do so safely and remember NO need to wash the bird, place it directly into the roasting pan!

Matthew Gentile

Former Darien Eagle Scout Matthew Gentile Receives Award Sunday from National Association

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Darien High School graduate Matthew Gentile will be awarded the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from the National Eagle Scout Association on Sunday at the Andrew Shaw Memorial Scout Cabin.

Gentile is an engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is part of the Mars Rover Mission team. He was a scout in Troop 35 Darien when he became an eagle scout in 2010.