Tara Ochman 2021

Former Board of Education Chair Tara Ochman Announces Run for First Selectman

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Tara Ochman, a Democrat, member of the Board of Education and its former chairperson, announced Thursday that she is running for first selectman.

“For too long, the talents and experience of our residents have been undervalued, and for too long our town government has just managed the town, but not planned, really, for what’s next.,” Ochman told a crowd of about 100 people in front of Town Hall at 5:30 p.m.


Police: No Domestic Violence Charges After a 911 Call — But a Charge For Someone Who Blocks Another From Completing Call

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Police responding to a 911 call about a domestic incident said they found there was was arguing involved, but didn’t say there was violence — and nobody was charged with a domestic violence crime.

But a man hung up the phone when the 911 call was made by the other person, police said, and that resulted in charges against him.