Hardworking Thieves Open Lots of Unlocked Darien Vehicles, Drive Off With Four

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Twenty-one vehicles were entered overnight from Sunday to Monday, Nov. 3 to 4, and most of the owners of those were the lucky ones, because in most cases, nothing was taken. Three other cars in town were stolen on the same night — and a fourth, several days later.

That’s a total of 25 vehicles entered (24 in one night), that police are aware of. Continue Reading →

Car Unlocked, Key Inside — the Ultimate in Convenience for Thief Who Stole It

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Approaching a 2012 Toyota Prius parked outside overnight from Oct. 27 to 28 at 28 Edgewood Road, a thief found not only that the car was unlocked but that the key fob inside it allowed the car itself to be stolen, not just whatever was inside.

The owner, whether on purpose or not, did what many Darien car owners do. The thief did what thieves do.

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Police: DUI for Man, 28, After Head-On Collision Resulted From Driving Into Opposite Lane on Post Road

Lakeem Jetter mug shot
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A 28-year-old driver under the influence of medication crossed into the oncoming traffic lane on the Post Road during the late afternoon rush hour, crashing head-on into another car, Darien police said.

The crash occurred just before 5:38 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20, according to police in an announcement Tuesday about the man’s arrest.

Darien Police Department, which has become less consistent in the past year or so about issuing information on incidents, particularly traffic accidents, didn’t issue an announcement about the incident for more than a month after it happened, and only when the man was charged with driving while under the influence. Continue Reading →