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Mountain Bike Reported Stolen From Driveway of Tokeneke Road Home

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A custom mountain bike was reported stolen on Thursday, Nov. 11, from the driveway of a home Tokeneke Road. Police said officers went to the home after the victim called at 5:32 p.m. that day. The victim said the bicycle had been in the driveway earlier in the day. The Evil Brand Offering bicycle is described as all black, with a gold fork and silver shocks.

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Police: In Domestic Incident a Darien Man, 72, Swung at Victim, Tried to Prevent 911 Call

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A 72-year-old Darien man was arrested after he swung at someone else in a domestic incident, police said, adding that the victim was able to block the blow. The man also tried to stop the victim from calling police, the police announcement said. Darien police gave this further account of the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

Police were called to a home in town at 5:02 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 7. They were told the man tried to get into the victim’s room to hurt the victim.


Police: An Offer to Sell Sneakers Gets Owner Out of House, Then Entire Sneaker Collection Stolen

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A Joseph Street man told police that on Veterans Day, after he left his home by someone claiming to want to buy sneakers, then someone broke in and stole his entire sneaker collection, valued at $3,800. Darien police gave this account of what happened:

At 6:45 p.m., the man was contacted through a Facebook messenger account by a person offering to buy some sneakers. The two agreed to meet at Stamford Railroad Station. The victim said that while driving to the station, he lost contact with the buyer, so he went back home at 7:38 p.m.

There, he found his locked bedroom door was open, and both the lock and door were broken. Along with the $3,800 sneaker collection, another $1,400 had been taken.

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Thief Steals Leaf Blower From Landscaper’s Trailer. It Took About a Minute.

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It took about a minute for a thief to steal leaf blower in a trailer parked on Deerfield Road on Saturday, Nov. 6, according to police. The victim noticed that the Redmax leaf blower was missing, and a resident having leaves picked up took a look at surveillance video, which showed the theft, police said. The incident was reported in a call to police at 12:11 p.m.

At 11:20 a.m., a dark car pulled up to the trailer, a person wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans got out and could be seen taking the leaf blower and putting it in the vehicle’s trunk, then driving off at 11:21 a.m.

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Police: DUI for Man, 34, After Reports of His Car Swerving at 9:13 PM on the Post Road

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A 34-year-old man was found by an officer in the man’s car on the side of the Post Road near Dubois Street after police had been told a car was swerving and without headlights, police said. Darien police gave this additional information about the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

The report to police (which came on Wednesday, Oct. 13) mentioned a white Acura, and the driver’s car fit the description. It was off the roadway, on sidewalk and grass. The driver seemed to be confused and had glassy red eyes, and the smell of an alcoholic drink came from inside the car.

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Police: Man Drove Intoxicated at 1:16 AM, With Child in Unsecured Child Seat

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A 31-year-old man was driving early one recent morning on the Post Road with a child in a child seat which was unsecured to the car, police said. When an officer stopped the car, police added, the child and child seat were wedged in between the front and back seats, and the man’s blood-alcohol content was well over the legal limit. The police announcement gave no indication that the child was injured or harmed. Police gave this additional information in their account, which included accusations not proven in court:

At 1:31 a.m., Saturday, an officer reported that a vehicle went over the double yellow line on the Post Road (the announcement didn’t say where on that street, but the vehicle was stopped on Brookside Road). After the officer approached the driver, Ozni Cucpacay of Davenport Street in Norwalk, and smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle.

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With Vehicle Engulfed in Flames, Police Close Post Road Near Exit 11

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No one was injured when a vehicle caught on fire at 9:06 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 6, and was fully engulfed in flames on the Post Road near Exit 11 of Interstate 95, Darien police said. Police said that when they arrived at the scene, all occupants had left the vehicle. Officers temporarily closed the Post Road in both directions at that spot. Firefighters from Darien Fire Department went to the scene and put out the flames.