Burwell Library of Congress D-Day map

Former Darien Selectman Charles Burwell’s Role in the D-Day Invasion

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Charles Burwell, a former Darien resident, teacher and selectman who passed away on Feb. 26, 2016 was a 26-year-old naval intelligence officer on June 4, 1944. His assignment: briefing Generals Dwight Eisenhower and Bernard L. Montgomery on exactly which day the weather would be calm enough for D-Day while the moon was still bright. Editor’s note: On the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in World War II, Darienite.com is putting the link to this article, originally published on March 1, 2016 back on the Home page and in the June 6 newsletter. In addition to being on the Darien Board of Selectmen, Burwell was a social studies teacher at Darien High School until his retirement in 1978.

Warning lime green coyote at waveny 2019

Leashed Dog Bit by Coyote at Waveny Park: Police Suggest Keeping Dogs Away from Pond Area

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Visitors to Waveny Park, just over the border from Darien in New Canaan, should be be especially vigilant in the area of the pond New Canaan Police are warning, after a coyote bit a leashed dog there last week. Visitors with dogs should avoid the area of Waveny Pond entirely for now, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control Section. — This article originally was published by NewCanaanite.com. Halm said police had two calls Wednesday, about coyote sightings in the part of Waveny that includes the pond at the foot of the sledding hill, and that a witness to the biting incident on Thursday, April 25 reported it to authorities. The coyotes likely have established a den near the pond, Halm said, and are protecting the territory.

Do Something Crazy and Fun This Weekend: Drive to 17 Indie Bookstores Around This Beautiful State

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The first thing you should know is that (1) this is more fun than a written description can relay. If you do this, you will remember for the rest of your life just how beautiful Connecticut is, especially when you leave the highway. Prepare to be charmed. The second, third and fourth things you should know are that if you participate in the Passport event for Independent Bookstore “Day” this weekend, April 27 and 28, (2) you’d better not mind being in a car for most of the day Saturday and Sunday, because you’ll be traveling to 17 bookstores around the state; (3) you’ll find it more fun if you love books, because 20%-off coupons at these bookstores are the direct reward; and

(4) plan your trip beforehand and expect to arrive at your first bookstore of each day when it opens, because you’re going to be tempted to linger in a charming store and then in its beautiful neighborhood — and find yourself racing to complete the trip late on Sunday afternoon, before your last bookstore closes. (Lucky you: Your Darienite.com editor took this trek last year, and we’ve got tips for you.)

You don’t actually have time to shop at these bookstores — just visit them, get a gander at the place and leave for your next stop.

Burns Supper Greenwich Robert Burns

Lads, Lasses: Fourth Annual Burns Supper Scottish Party Set for Jan 26, 2019

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As we prepare to sing “Auld Lang Syne,” millions around the world are gearing up to celebrate the 260th birthday of the song’s writer, Scottish national poet Robert Burns. On or near Jan. 25 every year, an estimated 9 million people around the globe attend Burns Suppers in honor of the beloved bard. — Most of this article previously was published by GreenwichFreePress.com. At the Greenwich Burns’ Supper on Jan.

Vaping Teenagers pic

Youth Vaping Discussion: What Can Be Done at the State, Federal, Local Levels

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What the state Legislature and government in general can do to reduce vaping among teenagers was one of the main topics of a meeting Monday, where area legislators met with people on the frontlines of the effort in local communities: school officials, police

Although legislators sat at a table facing the audience, more than one participant in the crowd and at the table said that keeping teens away from vaping is primarily a local battle, and a lot of the discussion was about local efforts. — This article was published Monday by Greenwich Free Press. About 100 people were at the event, organized by Communities 4 Action, which also included area health officials, social workers, psychologists and local government leaders, including Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. The meeting, a “legislative breakfast” at the Jewish Community Center in Stamford, was organized b y Communities 4 Action, a group that seeks to reduce substance misuse among youths and adults. Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapors and electronic (e-cigarettes) are the most widely used tobacco product among teens.

Donations to Guatemala orphanage from Sacred Heart

Area College Ships 3,516 Pieces of Used Furniture to Guatemala Orphanage

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Sacred Heart University in Fairfield donated 15 shipping containers filled with more than 3,500 pieces of furniture from the Elizabeth Ann Seton Residence Hall to orphaned children in Guatemala this summer. — an announcement from Sacred Heart University

Through the nonprofit organization Asset 360, SHU donated used desks, chairs, dressers, wardrobes, bedframes and mattresses. Asset 360 is nonprofit environmental company that manages the responsible disposition of materials that are no longer needed. Joel Quintong, assistant dean of students, said that almost every year, one of the residence halls turns over its old furniture. It’s Hard to Give Away This Much Furniture Here
He said this year, he wanted to find a responsible means of removing it, rather than having it all end up in a landfill.

Weed Beach

First Selectman: State Might Pay for Darien/New Canaan Bike Route Signs, Publicity

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Darien and New Canaan officials, along with some cycling enthusiasts, have been discussing ways of promoting bicycle routes built for two towns, so that cyclists in one town might ride to the other, visiting Waveny Park, for example, or Weed Beach. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said last week that the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has a grant program that could fund a project to put up bike route signs and even pay for publicity and promotional materials to encourage people to bike from one town to the other. “I received last week notice that Connecticut’s DEEP has a recreational trails grant, and our proposed bike path would be eligible for grant-funding dollars to help fund signs and roadway markings and PR [public relations] materials,” Stevenson said Monday, Sept. 10, at the Board of Selectmen meeting. “If we should choose to apply for that, they look very favorably on multi-jurisdictional projects, as this one would be,” she said.

Federal Trade Commission Seal logo

How to Donate Wisely After a Natural Disaster

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Natural disasters and weather emergencies are in the news. Whether it’s the devastating wildfires along the West Coast, the relentless rains and flooding along the East Coast, or tornado strikes in the Midwest, it’s heartbreaking to see people lose their homes and businesses. But it’s despicable when scammers exploit such tragedies to appeal to your sense of generosity. — This article originally was published on the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information blog. Colleen Tressler is a consumer education specialist with the FTC.

Stepping Stones Museum kids playing

When You Have Fun in Norwalk, You Can Get a Discount at Other Norwalk Places to Have Fun

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Stepping Stones Museum for Children has once again partnered with other attractions within the City of Norwalk as part of the Sound of Summer discount program, a citywide tourism initiative to offer savings for visitors this summer. — an announcement from Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Simply pay full price at one of the nine participating attractions and receive a special discount at all of the other participating attractions.  
Stepping Stones members can simply pick up a Sound of Summer punch card during their next visit and show it, along with their museum membership card, to access Sound of Summer benefits at participating attractions. There is no purchase necessary
“Norwalk is truly open for business,” said Robert Townes, director of community advocacy at Stepping Stones. “We have such a diversity of entertainment options in Norwalk that residents and out-of-town visitors can enjoy on staycations or vacations. We wanted all area businesses to benefit from cross promotion. There is so much for families to do in Norwalk this summer and the Sound of Summer program helps highlight all the offerings.”

Federal Trade Commission Seal logo

FTC: It’s Good to Want to Help Natural Disaster Victims, But Avoid Scammers

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Natural disasters and weather emergencies are in the news. Whether it’s the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala or the wildfires in Colorado, it’s heartbreaking to see people lose their homes and businesses to the ongoing devastation. But it’s despicable when scammers exploit such tragedies to appeal to your sense of generosity. If you’re looking for a way to help, the Federal Trade Commission urges you to be cautious of potential charity scams.

— This article is from the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information blog. Colleen Tressler is a consumer education specialist with the FTC.

Americares Guatemala Volcano 2018

Americares to Ship Medicine and Supplies for Guatemalans Displaced by Volcano

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Stamford-based Americares is preparing an emergency shipment of medicine and relief supplies for families displaced by the volcanic eruption in Guatemala. Dozens have died, and 1.7 million people have been affected since the Fuego volcano 25 miles southwest of Guatemala City began erupting on June 3. More than 4,000 people forced from their homes are staying in emergency shelters to escape dangerous ash, gasses and mudslides. Americares is supplying the Order of Malta, which is providing medical care in shelters, with antibiotics, wound care supplies, hygiene products and medicine to treat evacuees with acute and chronic conditions. — an announcement from Americares

Twenty-six tons of medicine and supplies valued at $1.8 million will be shipped from Americares Connecticut headquarters in Stamford this week.

Allison Molkenthin contributed photo

Darienite Allison Molkenthin To Be an Honoree at 2018 Fulbright Awards Dinner

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Allison Gushée Molkenthin, a YWCA Darien/Norwalk 2018 Woman of Distinction, will be honored on May 22 in New York City at One To World’s 2018 Fulbright Awards Dinner. A longtime Darien resident who has contributed to many important causes locally, Ms. Molkenthin was a Fulbright scholar to Morocco and earned her MBA from INSEAD in France. __________

— an announcement from One To World


She has been a managing director at Bentley Associates L.P. since 1999, working on international transactions, and was previously president and COO of UI USA, the U.S. merchant banking arm of Crédit Agricôle. She began her career at Bankers Trust, working in New York, London, Milan and Paris. “We are proud to be honoring Allison as a business leader who has furthered the Fulbright vision by fostering respect and cooperation across borders throughout her career,” said Jen E. Clarke, Executive Director of One To World.

‘This Is Part of Our Obligation’: Much-Needed Ceiling Replacement Underway at the Glass House

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For years, even when its creator, Philip Johnson was still alive, the southwest corner of the plaster ceiling inside the Glass House in New Canaan has been sagging. It’s been getting progressively worse in recent years — to the point where three of the doors into the iconic structure (there’s one on each face of the house) could not be opened. About three years ago, those in charge of the National Trust for Historic Preservation site oversaw a temporary stabilization in the troubled corner, working with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Evergreene Architectural Arts. “It sagged about three inches in that corner,” Brendan Tobin, senior buildings & grounds manager at the Glass House said Tuesday afternoon, standing near Johnson’s building on the Ponus Ridge site. “They stabilized it by putting some lag bolts and washers in place so it would not further sag, and they gave us basically three proposals to restore or preserve the ceiling.”

Glass House officials reviewed those proposals (more on them below) and settled on one so that work could start days after the 2017 season ended on Nov.

daylight savings clock

Remember: Set Your Clock Back for the End of Daylight Savings Time

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With Daylight Savings Time ending at 2 a.m. Sunday, set your clocks to “fall back” an hour either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Car clocks have become easier, and you won’t have to change the time on your iPhone, but your stove and microwave clocks likely need adjusting, and is there one on your coffeemaker? This Web page has “tried to identify every time-keeping device you might have that requires manual attention.” And this is the time that many fire departments suggest you change the batteries on your smoke detectors. No time like the present.

Police: Man in Waveny Incident Identifies Himself, Will Be Charged

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Police said Thursday that the man suspected of approaching a female jogger at Waveny one evening this week and making “inappropriate remarks” to her came to department headquarters to admit his involvement in the incident. The man “provided specific details as to what took place, confirming he was in fact the suspect,” according to a news release issued by New Canaan Police Department. ________

— This article previously was published by NewCanaanite.com. ________

“This investigation is still ongoing in terms of determining appropriate charges and completing the appropriate paperwork to make an arrest,” the news release said. “However at this time we feel this was an isolated incident and that the person responsible has been identified.