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Improvement Project for Intersection at West and Noroton Aves OKed for State Funding

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Funding for intersection improvements at the intersection of West and Noroton Avenues was one item in a long list of state transportation grants approved Tuesday afternoon by the State Bond Commission. The Darien project is among more than 100 local roadway projects that would be financed in whole or in part with $51 million from the Local Transportation Capital Improvement program. Overall, $839 million in various transportation funding was approved by the commission after Gov. Ned Lamont announced he was proposing the spending. The governor serves as chairman of the commission and determines which projects are put on its agenda. The upgrades are long overdue, Lamont said in an announcement Tuesday.

CDOT Snow Plow Driver

Zooming Through Winter: Talking Transportation

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Ah, winter in New England! One day it’s foggy and mild, the next day it’s a blizzard. How can we get through the next few months and still get where we’re going? Here are a few tips crowd-source from your fellow commuters:
If You Take the Train
First, never assume your train will be operating on time. Though Metro-North’s new M8 cars do much better in snow than the older cars, the railroad is quick to amend its schedules and reduce service as conditions warrant.

West Avenue utility closure

Darien Police Announce Traffic Restrictions on Two Darien Streets

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Darien police have announced parking restrictions on two Darien streets in connection with redevelopment projects — one in downtown Darien and another in Noroton Heights. In Noroton Heights, Edgerton Street “will be closed in both directions between West Avenue and Heights Road from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.” on Monday, Oct. 11, the announcement said. The closure is related to ongoing construction of the Darien Commons project by Federal Realty Investment Trust.