Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16

Commuters are NOT Coming Back. A New Train Riding Era Now Begins: Cameron on Transportation

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I have one belated prediction for the new year and you’re not going to like it: After we all get vaccinated and things “return to normal,” regular weekday commuters on Metro-North will not be coming back as hoped. Why should they? Who wants to spend $400-plus a month and waste two-plus hours each day, five days a week riding a train into New York City if you don’t have to? If this pandemic has shown us anything it’s that going to an office isn’t necessary to doing our jobs. Sure, there are some people who have to show up in person to do their work (healthcare staffers, auto mechanics etc.), but that’s never been the bulk of Metro-North’s ridership.

Paving Repaving DPW Roads 7-29-16

Town to Pave Stretch of Hollow Tree Ridge Road from Allwood to Crooked Mile Roads

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Starting this Monday, the town Public Works Department will be paving Hollow Tree Ridge Road from the intersections of Allwood Road to Crooked Mile Road at the northern end of town. The project, which covers about six tenths of a mile of roadway, is expected to be completed by Friday, Sept. 25, according to an announcement Thursday from the DPW. Here’s more from the announcement (see video at bottom for an explanation of what asphalt milling is):
Preparatory work on drainage catch basins, and milling of road surface, will precede paving. […]
Once milled, road surface will be rough until paved and will have raised structures exposed.  Please avoid this portion of Hollow Tree Ridge Road if possible during these dates or use extra caution if you must travel on these roads.