Hearing Monday on Proposals to Strengthen Penalties for Juveniles Committing Crimes, Including Car Thefts

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The state Legislature’s Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Monday, March 14 on bills meant to strengthen penalties for juveniles who steal cars or commit other serious offenses, State Rep. Terrie Wood said in an email to constituents. You can get on the list of those testifying to the committee if you register online by 3 p.m., Sunday, Wood said. Police department officials in Darien and elsewhere have said weak state laws regarding juveniles charged with crimes has made it difficult to deter them from committing more. Full Text of Wood’s Announcement received this announcement at 11:30 a.m., Friday:

There are two legislative proposals that are having public hearings early next week that are important to Norwalk and Darien as well as communities across the state. I encourage all interested to submit written testimony and/or give virtual testimony.

Wider Rally for Ukraine

Duff, McNally, Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Among Speakers at Rally for Ukraine in Darien, Saturday

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A “Rally for Ukraine,” will be held in front of Darien Town Hall, organized by the Action Network of Darien Democrats. “All are welcome to Darien’s community event to show support for a country in crisis,” the group announced. The event starts at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, March 5. Update: An announcement from the organizers:
The siege on Ukraine may be happening half a world away, but its impact is felt here in Darien. So, a group of local residents has organized the Rally for Ukraine to be held Saturday, March 5 at 4:30 pm outside Darien Town Hall.

Darien Department of Public Works sign on barrier saw horse

Gorham’s Pond Tide Gates Scheduled To Be Opened March 14 to 21, Unless it Rains a Lot

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The Gorham’s Pond tide gates will be opened on two different days this month for flushing and cleaning, unless there’s “extensive rain […] or a series of very high tides,” or bad weather, Darien Public Works Department announced Tuesday. Unless either of those natural events prevent it, the gates will open on Monday, March 14 and close again on Monday, March 21. A large amount of rain or very high tides would cause too much water flowing over the dam to open or close the gates, the announcement said.

Test Your Home For Radon Gas: Darien Health Department Has Free Test Kits

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The Darien Health Department advises residents to test their homes for radon gas especially now that many families are spending more time at home due to COVID-19. Limited numbers of free test kits are now available at the Darien Health Department office. — an announcement from Darien Health Department

Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas that is found throughout the US. Most of the time, it is harmlessly dispersed in outdoor air, but it can reach harmful levels when trapped in buildings. Exposure to elevated levels of radon has been shown to cause lung damage and cancer in humans.

DCA Academic Lecture Series 2022 The Arctic: From Deep Freeze to Hot Spot

DCA Academic (and Online) Lecture Series: ‘The Arctic — From Deep Freeze to Hot Spot’ Starts Jan 6

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The Darien Community Association’s 2022 Academic Lecture Series, “The Arctic — from Deep Freeze to Hot Spot, ” will start Thursday, Jan. 6, online. The series has been presented annually, without interruption, since 1956. While the format this year will be virtual, the series will continue to feature respected foreign policy experts at four Thursday morning lectures at 10 a.m., and a final lecture in the evening of Feb. 3 (also a Thursday).

McNally: Darien Has More COVID-19 Cases, More Booster Clinics Coming

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In the past 13 days, 168 Darien residents have acquired COVID-19 cases, as far as authorities know, and with holiday gatherings, more is expected, First Selectman Monica McNally told the town in a late Wednesday afternoon Code Red message. “COVID cases are on the rise,” she said. Meanwhile, McNally said, some town residents are concerned about the availability of testing, the cost and heavy traffic at the sites. “I am working with the director of health to possibly add a second testing site in Darien,” she said. “If you are 16 or older and it has been at least six months since your second dose, you are strongly encouraged to get a booster,” the first selectman said.