Quick Saturday Recycling Tip: How Bagging Can Trip Up Your Recycling Efforts

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The quality of Darien’s single-stream recyclables (i.e., level of contamination) is reportedly very good, except for one thing …

Darien Recycling tip

Photo from Darien Recycling Center on Facebook

Closed bags don’t get recycled — they get tossed in with the trash at the recycling facility.


— an announcement from Darien Recycling Center


… too many closed plastic bags! The sensors at City Carting’s sorting facility only work for items that are LOOSE; closed plastic bags are pulled out and thrown away.

If you’re going to take the time to separate recyclables, please ensure that they actually get recycled and open/empty all plastic bags!!


This announcement is from the Darien Recycling Center on FacebookLike that page on Facebook and you can get your tips directly, as soon as they come out, and keep informed on other recycling information. Find out more about recycling in Darien here.

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