Saturday Recycling Tip: What to Do with Used Paper Towels

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Paper toweling seems like it should go in single stream (It’s paper, after all!) … 

Paper towels Darien Recycling Center Transfer Station Dump Recycling Tips 02-18-17… but it does not.

Paper towels, napkins, tissues and diapers are among the items considered “contaminated” and should go in the trash.

For a complete list of items not included in single stream, click here [to the Recyclng Center’s tip sheet for what to recycle and what not to recycle in Darien] and scroll to the top of page 2 [or see below].


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Darien Recycling Single Stream Recycling 02-18-17

Part of the Darien Recycling Center\’s tip sheet on what to recycle and what not to recycle. Some items not included in single-stream recycling can be recycled elsewhere at the Recycling Center/Transfer Station/”Dump” —but not used paper towels (follow the link above to the full PDF to get more information).


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