Saturday Recycling Tip For Those Going to the Dump (and Even for Those Who Aren’t)

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When the USAgain bins near the Swap Shop and transfer station building fill up, the contents are removed to a truck like this one.

USAgain clothing bins recycling 02-11-17

USAgain bins and truck at the Darien Recycling Center/Transfer Station/”Dump”

Usable or unusable clothing, shoes, linens & accessories (backpacks, purses, hats, gloves, belts, etc.) can be recycled in these bins.

Recycling textiles provides two benefits to the town:

1) a reduction in the amount (and cost) of solid waste hauled way;

2) payment of $200/ton for textiles collected.

Recycling textiles also saves natural resources and is a source of affordable clothing for people world-wide.


an announcement from the Darien Recycling Center on Facebook (we’ve changed the punctuation). Like that page on Facebook and you can get your tips directly, as soon as they come out, and keep informed on other recycling information.


Editor’s note: There’s another USAgain bin at Person-to-Person on the grounds of  St. Luke’s Church, 1864 Post Road. And here’s a locator for bins on the USAgain website.