Saturday Recycling Tip: What to Take Home from the Darien Recycling Center

Darien Recycling Center Logo 05-20-17
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Recycling isn’t just about getting rid of stuff in the right way. If you want to reduce your “ecological footprint,” you can also take and use something that would have been thrown away, and you can do some of that at the Darien Recycling Center.

Here are two ways:

Photo from the Darien Recycling Center on FacebookCompost: Yours for the taking

Ever wonder what this large mound of “earth” is as you enter the the Darien Recycling Center? It is leaf compost, and if you’ve never used it, now is the perfect time to mix it in the soil around existing plantings, or while installing new ones.

Leaf compost improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil — overall, an excellent soil conditioner!

Swap Shop under construction 05-20-17

Photo from Darien Recycling Center on Facebook

The new Swap Shop building going up

The Swap Shop

The Swap Shop tent is being replaced with a more permanent building. Here’s what a Darien Recycling Center Facebook post said last December:

The Swap Shop operates on the premise that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and indeed, incredible items are routinely found there (many thanks to whoever left this beautiful yule log!).

Yule Log Darien Recycling Center Dec 162017post 05-20-17Bring your unwanted books, toys, sports equipment, furniture and other household goods — and while you’re there, have a look around!

— These announcements (here and here) are from the Darien Recycling Center on FacebookLike that page on Facebook and you can get your tips directly, as soon as they come out, and keep informed on other recycling information. Find out more about recycling in Darien here.

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