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Thank You, Darien Police Officer Chris Jimenez, for Helping Those Shaken College Basketball Players

The Depot
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Dear Chief Anderson,

This past Friday was a normal Friday night at the Depot; lots of kids, lots of noise. Officer Chris Jimenez walked in the door and  came straight over to me and said there had been a bus accident on the thruway; would it be possible to bring the people on the bus to the Depot as it was bitter cold, and the wind was relentless. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Thanks to All Who Participated in Darien Human Services Holiday Gift Giving Program

1909 Christmas postcard
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To the editor:

On behalf of Darien Human Services, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Holiday Gift Giving Program. Individuals, book groups, church groups, clubs, and families donated gifts of toys, clothing, and gift cards to help make the holiday wishes of 51 families and 52 seniors come true. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Darien Lions Club Thanked for Supporting Darien Human Services Holiday Gift Giving Program

Ali Ramsteck and Steve Fritsch
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Mr. Steve Fritsch
Darien Lions Club

Dear Steve,

On behalf of the Darien Department of Human Services, I would like to thank you and your fellow Lions Club members for your generous support of our annual Holiday Gift Giving Program. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Parents: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect, But You Can Find Alternatives to Alcohol and Drugs to Relieve Stress

What NOT to Teach Your Teen facebook dimensions
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To the editor:

Do we have to be perfect as parents? Absolutely not. We do have to be self-aware and remain conscious of what we’re modeling for our children. And along the way, when as a result of our imperfections we misstep, we should take time to recognize our mistakes and show our kids that we can accept responsibility and grow. Yes, parents are still learning to. Continue Reading →

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Volunteer Needed to Fill Vacancy for a District 2 Seat on the Representative Town Meeting

Letter to the Editor Columbus
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To the editor,

There is a vacancy in Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 2. The RTM is Darien’s legislative body and is charged with passing ordinances and appropriating funds for Town projects. It also approves collective bargaining contracts for Town employees, including teachers. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Jayme Stevenson and Other Darien Republicans Provide Prudent, Experienced Management

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To the editor:

In spite of Connecticut’s major fiscal problems, the town of Darien is in better shape than most towns in the state, largely due to the exceptionally prudent and experienced management of our town’s finances and resources by our first selectman, Jayme Stevenson, and her team of Republican elected officials. (more…) Continue Reading →

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