Kindness Matters? Kindness With Action Matters. Let’s Practice What’s Being Preached

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To the editor:

Here is a quote from a Darien High School student speaking at the Board of Education meeting on Oct. 12.:

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“I was at a friend’s house and a group of DHS boys I had never met came up and started shouting ‘You’re a dyke!’ and the words ‘faggot’ and ‘lesbian’ were also shouted. They then hurled a can at my head and splashed their drinks in my face.”

Three more students also described incidents of racist and homophobic acts at DHS. Some described the fear of attending the school.

In the words of so many yard signs in Darien: Kindness matters.

Kindness matters?

The words are empty without actions and action has not been taken. So, students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members, let’s all practice what is being preached.

Kindness with action matters.

Jody Hotchkiss

Old Stone Road

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