Vote Your Conscience, Not in Response to Propaganda and Hate

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Letter to the editor,

This week I received a very disturbing call from a member of the Darien Republican Town Committee. As a lifelong Republican and someone who has always supported the Republican candidates, I politely explained that my vote this time would be for Tara Ochman.

Letter to the Editor Thomas Jefferson

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My response was met with false innuendos and fear mongering over low income housing, as the caller cited the business profession of her “two largest donors.” Interestingly, I personally know that his references were untrue.

When I questioned his facts, with the truth, the phone fell silent. It is disturbing to think that some within my own party are stooping this low.

I am voting for Tara simply because she is intelligent, incredibly hard working, and will fight tirelessly for what is best for our town.

Please everyone vote your conscience, but do not listen to the lies, propaganda, and hate that is being disseminated. The kindness matter signs I see up around town seem a bit ironic at the moment.

Stacy Branca
Shipway Road

Editor’s note: Election letters will be accepted up to 11:59 p.m., TOMORROW, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

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