Tara Ochman Has the Experience and Mindset to Tackle Darien’s Challenges

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To the editor:

Although I am a Democrat, I believe many key issues facing Darien are less about partisanship, and more about sound, competent, forward-thinking strategy and fiscal management.

Letter to the Editor John Greenleaf Whittier

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That said, I’ve been researching our two candidates, Tara Ochman, and Monica McNally, to make a truly informed decision on the best candidate for the job, and I have concluded that person is Tara Ochman.

As a 15-year resident of Darien, I have been impressed with Tara Ochman’s astute leadership of the Board of Education over the last several years, and in particular, during the unprecedented challenges of the last 18+ months.

I credit her, and the BOE, and of course our administrators, teachers, and school staff, with keeping our schools open and functioning throughout most of 2020/2021 in either hybrid or full-time mode, something many other school systems did not accomplish.

After watching Candidates Night hosted by The League of Women Voters to get a better sense of Mrs. Ochman and Mrs. McNally’s positions, it is apparent that Mrs. Ochman has a clear and informed vision, strategy, and the leadership chops to evolve Darien during these complex times.

She has done her homework on potential infrastructure improvements to mitigate increasing flood threats. She has a progressive, but balanced approach to re-development projects to modernize our commercial areas.

She has been a vocal advocate in Hartford to maintain local control of our schools and our zoning. She also has critical experience dealing with and managing, one of Darien’s largest budget line items.

I believe Tara Ochman has both the necessary experience and the creative, innovative mindset to tackle the challenges we face as a community, and to keep Darien a thriving and well-positioned town now, and well into the future.

Karen Cummins
Point O Woods Road South

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