McNally Takes on Causes She Feels Passionately About, Thinks Things Through

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To the editor:

Monica McNally should be our next First Selectman. I wouldn’t put something in writing that I didn’t believe in and I strongly believe in Monica and her team.

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I met Monica over 20 years ago when our children were in St. Luke’s nursery school together.

I have always been impressed by Monica‘s ability to assess a situation. She’s a deep thinker, a good listener and doesn’t shoot from the hip. Everything that comes out of her mouth is thoroughly thought-through, fair and deliberate. Monica doesn’t take on projects to be popular or follow the crowd. She takes on causes that she feels passionately about.

Monica has the ability to see issues clearly without having preconceived ideas of their solutions. She is goal oriented and driven to work towards long-term, wise solutions. Monica McNally is able to cut through static to reach meaningful, intelligent results.

Darien needs someone with Monica‘s experience. She has worked in business for many years as well as in the volunteer sector. Her breadth of knowledge is deep and so is her character.

This is a critical time for our town. We shouldn’t take for granted the fact that Darien has been deftly run by a Jayme Stevenson for so long.

We need somebody who understands the headway that Jayme made fiscally, environmentally and educationally. We need somebody who is compassionate and inclusive. We need someone who can continue Jayme‘s legacy to wisely assess the critically fast paced growing needs of our town and that person is Monica McNally.

I strongly urge you to vote for the McNally-Zagrodzky-Minnick team this November to help preserve our town and keep Darien the town that it was founded to be.

Diane Weeks
Stony Brook Road

Editor’s note: Election letters will be accepted up to 11:59 p.m., THIS Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

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