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Have You Heard …? In the Schools, at the Train Station, on the Rink, at the Firehouse

Math team DHS feb twenty eighteen
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Here’s the low down on what’s up around town:

This year’s Darien Fire Firefighters St. Baldrick’s Day event will be held Saturday, March 31 at Darien Fire Department Headquarters. Anyone who wants to participate —whether you decide to shave your head, volunteer, or donate — may do so by signing up here. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Have You Heard … News from Around Town and Beyond: Nov 20

Methodist Family Center Preschool DCA 11-20-17
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The lowdown on what’s up around town …  

Yes, two of those kids are wearing turkey legs on their heads. No, not real ones. Here, take a look, and see what their posters say (well, partly):


This year’s Christmas wreaths on lampposts downtown, along the Post Road and elsewhere in Darien are checked each year by volunteers from the Darien Men’s Association (DMA), who make sure the bulbs are working properly. “This year, 18 members showed up on Nov. Continue Reading →

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Have You Heard …? Darienites Departing, Getting Appointed, Being Asked to Volunteer

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Here’s the low-down on what’s up around town:

Youtube user AnthnySlzr7 has some interesting aerial videos of Cherry Lawn Park and Ziegler’s Cove (and surrounding areas) using a drone. Here’s a picture of the community garden at the park (we doubt you’ve ever seen it this way before, even if you’ve seen it), and two of the videos: (more…) Continue Reading →

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