Holmes four final 01-27-17

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The low-down on what’s up around town:

Animal Embassy director Chris Evers recently visited students in Miss Rochler’s third grade class at Holmes Elementary School. ***

The Darien Police Commission has decided to look in-house for a police chief to replace Duane Lovello, who’s retiring in mid-February. ***

“We’re excited to report that we recently installed nine trees at the Darien Community Association (DCA) that included five Redbuds, three Dogwoods, and one White-Flowering Redbud,” the Tree Conservancy of Darien announced on Facebook. “Many thanks to Planters Choice Nursery for their generous donation of trees and to Richard Jones Landscaping for the help installing.” ***

From Darien Library:

If you live in Darien, you can bring up to five old light bulbs to Darien Library and exchange them for energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Darien Recycling Center smoke detectors 01-23-17

Have You Heard …?

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Here’s the low-down on what’s up around town:

A Darien Recycling Center post on Facebook:



Kindergarten and first grade classrooms at Holmes Elementary School recently became living laboratories through the High Touch High Tech program. Students learned about the five senses with hands-on experiments and interactive investigations led by scientists Mr. O and Mark Goldstein. Other students learned about the forces of gravity, friction and magnetism by doing hands-on experiments led by High Touch High Tech scientist Stacy Smith. The kids discovered how much they rely on their senses and how easy they are to fool using pencils, flashlights and sandpaper. High Touch High Tech has provided enriching science experience to students for the last decade.