Three on Darien Police Force Each Mark 35 Years of Service

Ray Osborne Police Commission 03-02-17

Image from the Darien TV79 video of the March 1, 2017 Police Commission meeting

Police Chief Ray Osborne at Wednesday night's meeting of the Darien Police Commission

Three uniformed members of the Darien Police Department recently marked their 35th year on the force — Police Chief Ray Osborne, Capt. Donald Anderson and Lt. George Vitone.

Anderson and Osborne actually joined the force on the same day back in 1983, the men previously recalled.

At the most recent Darien Police Commission meeting, Chairman J. Paul Johnson brought the matter up:

“I think they deserve a good hand for sticking with it for 35 years,” Johnson said, prompting applause from the board members and others in the room at the Dec. 5 commission meeting.

Anderson Osborne Darien P.D.

Image from Darien TV79

From left: Darien P.D. Capt. Donald Anderson and Chief Ray Osborne began working for the department on the same day, Dec. 4, 1983.

“That was Dec. 4, 1983,” Osborne said.

“Still here,” Anderson said. (Vitone wasn’t at the meeting.)

Osborne added: “We were talking about this yesterday, and a couple of the officers said, ‘I was two years old [at the time]’ — thanks a lot!”

“Some were younger than that!” Commission member Kim Huffard said.

“You guys, all three of you, have done a really terrific job for the town and for the department, and we’re very proud of you,” Johnson said.

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