Barrett Bookstore to Hold Online Discussion with Author/Director of ‘Emperors of the Deep’ About Sharks

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Barrett Bookstore invites you to watch and listen to William McKeever, author of “Emperors of the Deep” (and producer of a documentary of the same name) about sharks, in an online discussion. The event takes place this Thursday, April 2, starting at 5 p.m. on Zoom, an app which you’ll need to download before the event. From the Barrett Bookstore announcement:

We’re starting to get into the rhythm of this new normal and while it’s not perfect, we’re getting along. We miss you. To that end, we’re working on coming together for some virtual events, the first of which will take place THIS Thursday, April 2 at 5 p.m. with William McKeever.

Judi Dench My Passion for Trees

U.S. Premiere of Judi Dench Documentary ‘My Passion for Trees’ on March 4 at Avon Theatre

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You’re invited to the U.S. premiere of the documentary Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees on Wednesday, March 4, at the Avon Theatre in Stamford. Come see Dench in an intimate and fascinating BBC production on the secret lives of trees. Dame Judi Dench is one of Britain’s best-loved actresses, but few people know that she holds another great passion, a deep love for trees. Filmed over the course of a year, Dench joins tree scientists and historians to discover how trees feel, communicate, fight off invading armies and manage in extreme weather. The event at the Avon, at 272 Bedford St.

1913 Photograph of suffragists on a city sidewalk

League of Women Voters Presents ‘One Woman, One Vote’ Documentary on Women’s Suffrage

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Please join the League of Women Voters of Darien at 2 p.m., Sunday, March 1 as we kick off Women’s History Month with a showing of “One Woman, One Vote” at 2 p.m. at Darien Library. — an announcement from the Darien League of Women Voters

The program is free and open to the public. Thanks to the Darien Library for making this possible. The film, narrated by Susan Sarandon, chronicles the battle for women’s suffrage from the convention at Seneca Falls in 1848 to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. The compelling influence of major players in the suffrage movement, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul is a highlight of the 106 minute video.

Biggest Little Farm showing

Library to Show Movie About Creating a Sustainable, Organic ‘Biggest Little Farm,’ 7 PM, Wednesday

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In “The Biggest Little Farm,” a 2018 movie, a documentarian and his wife attempt to establish a farm outside LA while facing wildfires, pests and predators. The movie is being presented at 7 p.m., Wednesday at Darien Library, co-sponsored by the library, the Darien Pollinator Pathway, the Darien Land Trust, the Garden Club, the Darien Nature Center and Planet New Canaan. The movie also was shown back in August at the library as a Friday night feature. Here’s the announcement published then:

Starring Molly Chester, John Chester; Rated PG for mild thematic elements; 91 minutes; presented with captions for the hearing impaired. Official website | Metacritic | Rotten Tomatoes | | Wikipedia

Learn more about Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California here.

South Pacific Cast Sept 8 Norwalk Concert

‘South Pacific’-Themed Dinner, Concert and IMAX Movie on Saturday, Feb 8 in Norwalk

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For one night only, Saturday, Feb. 8, you can have a “South Pacific”-themed dinner and a concert along with an IMAX movie in Norwalk. The “midwinter tropical escape” has three parts:

The highlight is a concert with Broadway actors and Norwalk Symphony Orchestra performing songs from the musical “South Pacific”; also, a prix fixe dinner at one of several Norwalk restaurants; and before all that, an IMAX movie at the Maritime Aquarium, “Journey to the South Pacific” will be presented twice in the afternoon. The Show (a Concert Adaptation)
Norwalk Symphony Orchestra is producing the famed Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, “South Pacific,” for one night only in a unique collaboration with actors and singers of New Paradigm Theatre of Stamford. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. in Norwalk City Hall’s Concert Hall.

Linda Ronstadt by Carl Lender

‘The Sound of My Voice’ About Linda Ronstadt Is Darien Library’s Next Friday Night Feature

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“Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice,” a “musical biography” documentary about the singer, will be shown from 7 to 8:45 p.m., Friday, Jan. 31 at Darien Library. — an announcement from Darien Library

The 2019 film is about of one of the most successful and versatile female singers of the 20th century — and one of the most successful recording artists of all time. At the height of unprecedented success, Ronstadt, a restless and adventurous artist, turned away from pop music to explore an astonishing variety of musical styles. Withstanding constant pressure from a risk-averse industry, Linda insisted on following her musical instincts.

Matt Newton MN Acting Studio

Curious About What It’s Like to Be an Actor? Matt Newton Has a Book for You — and He’ll Sign it on Feb 13

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If you’ve got ambitions of becoming an actor or are just curious, you can talk about it with Matt Newton, an acting coach with a studio in Darien who will discuss his book “The No B.S. Guide to the Acting Biz,” answer questions and sign copies on Feb. 13 at Barrett Bookstore. Newton, who is also an actor and filmmaker, runs MN Acting Studio at 22 Grove St. An announcement for the event describes his book as “a candid, practical, shoot-from-the-hip how-to guide developed for new actors in the business as well as for seasoned professionals.” The book-signing takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb.

The Devil We Know 2018 movie poster

Film Screening and Discussion on Documentary ‘The Devil We Know’ Thursday

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The documentary “The Devil We Know,” about allegations of health hazards from Teflon, and the DuPont corporation’s possible responsibility, will be shown Thursday night, Jan. 30, at Darien Library, followed by a discussion. The entire event takes place fro 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Community Room. It is sponsored by both Darien Library and the Darien Pollinator Pathway. From Darien Library’s announcement:

“In this 2018 documentary, citizens in West Virginia take on a powerful corporation after they discover it has knowingly been dumping a toxic chemical — now found in the blood of 99.7 percent of Americans — into the local drinking water supply.

Tenet poster wide horizontal

You Can See, for Free, the 6.5-Minute ‘Prologue’ to Christopher Nolan’s Movie, ‘Tenet’ at Maritime Aquarium’s IMAX

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A short prologue to Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” one of the most anticipated movies of summer 2020, is now playing in exclusive 15/70 IMAX film – for free – over the holiday period at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk. — an announcement from the Maritime Aquarium with additional information from Show times for the 6 1/2-minute prologue at The Maritime Aquarium are 5 p.m. daily Dec. 20-23 and Dec. 26-31.

‘Blinded by the Light’ — Darien Library’s Friday Night Feature

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Darien Library’s Friday Night Feature film, “Blinded by the Light,” tells the story of a British teen of Pakistani descent whose life is altered when he’s introduced to the music of Bruce Springsteen. The 2019 film, which runs just under two hours, will be shown from 7 to about 9 p.m. in the Community Room of the library. — Darien Library announcement

Amid the racial and economic turmoil of the late 1980s, Javed (Viveik Kalra) writes poetry as a means to escape the intolerance of his hometown and the inflexibility of his traditional father. But when a classmate introduces him to the music of “the Boss,” Javed sees parallels to his working-class life in Springsteen’s powerful lyrics. As Javed discovers a cathartic outlet for his own pent-up dreams, he also begins to find the courage to express himself in his own unique voice.

‘Frozen II’ — Darien Community-Wide Movie, Coming Dec 2

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Attention movie lovers: Mark your calendars — on Monday, Dec. 2, Frozen II, the annual “Community-Wide Movie” benefiting the Darien Human Services Holiday gift drive will again take place at the Darien Playhouse. — an announcement from the Darien Youth Commission
Sponsored by the Darien Youth Commission, the Darien Human Services Department, and the movie theater, Frozen II runs 1 hour 49 minutes. (This movie premieres in theaters on Friday, Nov. 22.

Disney’s ‘Gabby and the Unsittables’ Sunday at Darien Playhouse, a Free Show With Free Food

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CALLING ALL KIDS! The Darien Playhouse will be showing two episodes of Disney’s newest program, “Gabby & the Unsittables” this Sunday, Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The two 22-minute episodes are free of charge, as is the popcorn and drinks. — an announcement from the Darien Depot Teen Center

Disney describes the new TV program, which debuts on Friday, this way:

“Gabby Duran (Kylie Cantrall) constantly feels like she’s living in the shadows of her uber-polished, successful mother Dina (Valery Ortiz), and smart younger sister Olivia (Coco Christo).

Pesticides in Parks and Playing Fields: Documentary and Discussion with Filmmaker Coming Oct 1

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A screening of the film “GroundWar: When Playing Fields become Battlefields,” followed by a discussion with the film maker, will be held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 1 at Darien Library. — an announcement from Friends of Animals
When documentary filmmaker Andrew Nisker’s father, Harold, an avid golfer who was always the picture of health, fell ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, he was heartbroken and perplexed and then alarmed at what he learned. Exposure to pesticides is a marker of the disease and the only place his father could have been exposed was at the golf course, he reveals in his newest film. “My father would be walking through these fields of greens, be he had no idea how those fields were kept and what was being sprayed,’’ Nisker said.

Biggest Little Farm movie poster 2018

‘Biggest Little Farm’ — Darien Library’s Friday Night Feature

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In the 2018 documentary “The Biggest Little Farm, a documentarian and his wife attempt to establish a farm outside LA while facing wildfires, pests and predators. — an announcement from Darien Library

Starring Molly Chester, John Chester; Rated PG for mild thematic elements; 91 minutes; Presented with Captions for the hearing impaired. All Darien Library Friday night features are free. The film will have two showings: From 6:30 to 8: 15 p.m. and from 8:30 to 10:15 p.m.

Official website | Metacritic | Rotten Tomatoes | | Wikipedia

Learn more about Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California here. From the Wikipedia article about the movie:

“When the barking of their beloved dog Todd leads to an eviction notice from their tiny L.A. apartment, John and Molly Chester make a choice that takes them out of the city and onto 200 acres in the foothills of Ventura County, naively endeavoring to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature.

Movie poster The Best of Enemies 2019

‘The Best of Enemies’ — Darien Library Friday Night Feature on Civil Rights Activist and Klan Member

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“The Best of Enemies,” a 2019 movie about a civil rights activist and Ku Klux Klan leader who come to work together, will be Darien Library’s Friday Night Feature on Friday, Aug. 2, with two showings. — an announcement from Darien Library

The first showing will be from 6:30 to 8:45 p.m.; the second, from 9 to 11:15 p.m. Both will be in the Community Room. All Darien Friday Night Feature films are free. In the movie, the two  come together to tackle racial segregation of schools in 1971 Durham, North Carolina.