Curious About What It’s Like to Be an Actor? Matt Newton Has a Book for You — and He’ll Sign it on Feb 13

Matt Newton MN Acting Studio

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Matt Newton has appeared in dozens of TV shows and films, and has since carved out a successful career in coaching actors.

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If you’ve got ambitions of becoming an actor or are just curious, you can talk about it with Matt Newton, an acting coach with a studio in Darien who will discuss his book “The No B.S. Guide to the Acting Biz,” answer questions and sign copies on Feb. 13 at Barrett Bookstore.

Newton, who is also an actor and filmmaker, runs MN Acting Studio at 22 Grove St.

An announcement for the event describes his book as “a candid, practical, shoot-from-the-hip how-to guide developed for new actors in the business as well as for seasoned professionals.”

Matt Newton MN Acting Studio

Contributed photo

Matt Newton has appeared in dozens of TV shows and films, and has also carved out a successful career in coaching actors.

The book-signing takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 13 at Barrett Bookstore at 6 Corbin Dr. A 6 p.m. reception will be followed by a question-and-answer session and talk starting at 6:30.

The event is sponsored by Sipsters wine store in Darien.


From the announcement:

“Matt recently coached on the set of Ava Duvernay’s Emmy winning “When They See Us,” as well as on “Jessica Jones,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Blue Bloods,” and countless others.

As a contributor to Backstage, and author of the bestselling book “10 Steps to Breaking into Acting,” Matt has worked with celebrities such as Aziz Ansari, Elaine Hendrix, Gus Kenworthy and Lisa Loeb, as well as Golden Globe and Emmy nominees. Matt runs MN Acting Studio out of New York City and Connecticut and coaches actors all over the world. 

Some Topics Covered in the Book

How Do Influencers Become Hollywood Stars — How do you take a huge following and turn it into Hollywood stardom?

What Does it Take to Be An Actor in NYC? — The struggle of juggling survival jobs, auditioning, training, and trying to make it in a field with so much rejection.

What it’s like to be a professional kid actor in NYC —  How to juggle school, tutoring, and working a TV or Broadway schedule.

MN Acting Studio

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Matt Newton teaching kids film and TV acting.

Hurry up and Wait!  What It’s Really Like On the Set of a TV Show — What are the terms every actor should know, what is a typical day like, how to navigate the logistics of a busy film set. From a working on-set coach for network TV shows.

How to Get an Acting Job on one of the 68 Shows filming in NYC — advice for actors navigating the new market of streaming TV

A Day in the Life of an Actor — What it’s really like to race around the city going on auditions, working on TV shows, and juggling a busy side career.  What it’s like on set when you finally land that big job.

Demystifying Acting — advice for brand new actors, and what they need to do to begin a career in TV and film, no matter where they live.

How to Get Over Nerves and Increase Your Confidence — Surefire ways to get over anxiety, whether you are an actor, a businessman, or an entrepreneur.

Self-Tape Tips for Actors — There are tons of TV shows cast from audition tapes these days. This focuses on how to create a simple, professional, affordable audition tape.

How to Figure Out Your Type — You need to know how to sell yourself in a crowded marketplace. All actors have a “type.”  This is how you will be cast in the marketplace, and will help agents and managers know how to sell and pitch you.  .

How to Get an Agent or Manager — All actors need an agent or manager if they want to pursue acting as a profession and make money.  Tips on securing representation in a crowded market and have access to the really big TV and film jobs

How to Audition for TV and Film — tips for actors when they walk into the audition room, casting etiquette, and how to nail the audition.

How to Create Your Own Star Vehicle — Detailed steps on writing a short film or web series for yourself, including budget, raising money, writing a role for yourself, hiring a crew, and dealing with film festivals.

Advice for Parents of Professional Kid Actors — Whether your kid is on Broadway, on TV, or film, or is just starting out, these are the essential tips every parent should know.

How to Get Good Footage for your Demo Reel — Tips for actors on what kind of footage they should have on their online casting profile.

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