Unlocked Vehicles Entered Overnight, Jan 10 to 11 on Five Mile River Road

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A jacket was the only item reported stolen overnight Jan. 10 to 11 from unlocked vehicles parked outside three homes on Five Mile River Road, according to police. Darien police received three reports on Tuesday, Jan. 11 about vehicles entered overnight on the Tokeneke street. One resident told police that at 12 midnight he saw the inside lights on in his 2021 Ford, 2016 Range Rover and 2021 Dodge.

Darien Police Ford Interceptor SUV

More Unlocked Vehicles Entered Around Town Last Friday/Saturday Night, Nov 19 to 20

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Some thieves who go into unlocked cars aren’t afraid to branch out and enter a garage when a garage door opener is found in the vehicle, as happened overnight from Friday to Saturday on Holly Lane. The incident was one of four reported the same day, after in the latest spate of overnight entries into unlocked vehicles in Darien. Here’s how police described each incident, all of which took place on nearby streets:
Holly Lane
A woman told police that when her husband went outside at about 7:30 a.m., he found the garage door fully open, although she had closed that door the evening before. A Huffy brand bicycle was in the garage, but it didn’t belong to anybody at the home. And the couple’s son’s bicycle was missing.

Police Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

State Lawmakers Explore What Can Be Done About Youths Stealing Cars Across the State

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State legislators from both parties recently started more active discussions on what can be done about youths stealing cars across the state, a problem that’s festered for years. In a related development, state Rep. Terrie Wood told constituents Thursday afternoon that she’s joined other lawmakers in petitioning for a special session of the state Legislature to address the problem. The recent death of a runner in New Britain, reportedly struck by a stolen car driven by a 17-year-old with a long criminal history, prompted a GOP news conference on the problem Wednesday morning, and then the meeting of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that afternoon, according to a report Thursday on the CT News Junkie website. The report also said: “A bipartisan group of lawmakers emerged from a closed-door meeting at the state Capitol Wednesday with plans to pursue policies aimed at reducing youth crime including giving judges more information on the criminal records of repeat offenders.” The Democratic and Republican lawmakers said they “identified some limited common ground,” as the article described it.