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On Three Different Nights, 10 Unlocked Motor Vehicles Entered, Bank Cards and Other Items Stolen

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Items were stolen after 10 unlocked motor vehicles were entered overnight on three nights last week, including two thefts of stolen bank cards which were later used, police said. Darien police gave this additional information about the incidents:
From Sunday to Monday, April 18 to 19
At 20 Park Lane, a bank card was taken from an unlocked 2019 Audi S5. The bank card was used in Bridgeport before police arrived to get information. At 6 Lighthouse Way, a driver’s license was reported missing from a 2014 Range Rover. Nothing was reported missing from four unlocked vehicles that were entered at 10 Lighthouse Way, 14 Beach Drive and 10 Duffy’s Lane (where two vehicles were entered).

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Bank Cards Used After Burglaries of Four Unlocked SUVs on Same Night

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Four sport utility vehicles were entered overnight from Monday to Tuesday, April 12 to 13, victims told police. Items, including credit cards, were taken from two, and a security camera showed a suspect at two more, around 2 a.m., police said. Darien police gave these accounts of the incidents:
202 Middlesex Road
At 7:21 a.m., that Tuesday, a purse was reported abandoned on the side of the road on Edgerton Street. Police found that the purse belonged to a resident of 202 Middlesex Road. She told police that the purse, was missing from her 2020 Acura MDX, which had been entered overnight.