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RTM Says Yes to: Checkout Bag Law, Replacing Ox Ridge School, Highland Farm Upgrade, DHS Track

Town Hall 2015
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An ordinance restricting checkout bags at stores in town and a project costing about $63 million to replace the Ox Ridge School building were approved Monday night by the Darien Representative Town Meeting. The RTM also approved proposals to fund improvements at Highland Farm park (the 16-plus-acre tract of land the town bought from the Ox Ridge Riding & Racquet Club) and to accept a gift of as much as $300,000 from the Darien Athletic Foundation to construct a path for the Darien High School cross-country track team path around the edges of the high school campus. (more…) Continue Reading →

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BYO Darien Describes the Proposed Carryout Bag Ordinance This Way

Image from APBA brochure
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BYO Darien, the local group advocating for the proposed ordinance restricting plastic and paper carryout bags, has put together this description of the proposal for Darien residents and businesses. The Representative Town Meeting will receive written emails about the proposal through Friday, March 1 (details below). (more…) Continue Reading →

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Checkout Bag Industry Group Memo to Darien Officials About Bag Restrictions

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This communication from the American Progressive Bag Alliance, an industry group, is one of the many documents and written submissions to Darien town officials about whether or not to restrict types of carryout bags: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Darien Business Owner Diane Browne Explains Why She’s Against the Proposed Town Bag Ordinance

Diane Browne pubic hearing plastic bags
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Diane Browne, owner of Browne & Co. in downtown Darien, gave several reasons for her opposition to the proposed ban on single-use plastic bags and regulations for paper bags and reusable bags when she spoke at the recent RTM public hearing on the matter. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Support for Proposed Checkout Bag Restrictions from Three Groups Outside Darien

RTM Public Hearing
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Three organizations — based in Stamford, Norwalk and North Haven — submitted these written comments to the Darien Representative Town Meeting in support of a proposed town ban on plastic bags not meant for re-use: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Against the Proposed Darien Checkout Bag Restrictions: Bruce Orr

Bruce Ohr
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Bruce Orr, a former town official and a biologist with a career in the energy, chemicals, “and, yes, the recycling industry,” gave these remarks at the Feb. 6 public hearing on proposed town-wide restrictions on stores giving customers bags at checkout. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinions on the Proposed Checkout Bag Ordinance: First in a Series

Checkout Bag Ordinance comments Olena Czebiniak
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Darienite will be publishing statements from more than two dozen of Darien residents and others about the new proposal to forbid local stores from providing some disposable plastic bags at checkout and provide reusable bags instead. Here are two statements given at a recent public hearing held Feb. 6. Darienite will be publishing other statements from the meeting (slightly changed, mostly for style purposes or speaking mistakes). (more…) Continue Reading →

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Maritime Aquarium Supports Ban on Plastic Carry Out Bags in Darien; Public Hearing on Wednesday

Plastic Water
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In light of the Town of Darien considering a ban on plastic carry out bags, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk celebrates such municipal efforts and encourages other communities to take up the cause. — an announcement from the Maritime Aquarium (more…) Continue Reading →

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