Very Short Written Comments to RTM on the Proposed Carryout Bag Restrictions

Reusable checkout bag plastic bag ordinance

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These 17 very short written comments were submitted to the Representative Town Meeting on the proposed carryout bag ordinance.

The comments were submitted to the Representative Town Meeting and posted on the Web here (in the “Comments” section) by the RTM Town Government Structure and Administration Committee, among other documents about the subject.

You Can Submit Your Own Comments Through Friday, March 1

  • Additional comments on the “Proposed Ordinance for the Management of Plastic and Paper Checkout Bags in Darien” can be submitted through Friday, March 1 if emailed to

If the town seems in favor of an ordinance, the RTM will have several key details to consider, said Monica McNally, chair of the RTM Public Works Committee, who presided over the Feb. 6 public hearing on the proposal.

McNally said those key details include:

  • Should there be a mandatory charge on paper bags that are collected and kept by a business establishment?
  • What should the minimum thickness be on a recycled bag that a store or business establishment sells?
  • Should there be stipulated standards on the composition of the paper bags that are offered by the stores?
  • What should the effective date be after the approval of the ordinance?
  • “These are some of the points that we would like to hear your thoughts on,” McNally said.

These comments are all four sentences or less. If no name is attached to a particular comment, that comment was submitted anonymously. has removed exact addresses but kept street names, when provided and included dates when provided.


Hi —

The Banners [of] Archer Lane, Darien, are in support of the plastic bag ordinance. It’s time we all walk down this road. It’s important.
Thank you,
Kelly Banner


My name is Page Berger and I live at 22 Maplewood Drive in Darien. I am writing in support of the proposed ordinance for the Ban on Plastic Bags. Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Weston and Westport all have local ordinances to promote the use of reusable checkout bags and restrict the use of plastic bags at retail stores. This is an important issue and one that is crucial for the health of our environment. Please do not delay action on this ordinance!

Many thanks,


I am writing in favor of banning plastic bags. Darien has been so hesitant on this topic. Are we afraid to better our community, our environment and our landfills?
This is a drop in the bucket for eliminating plastics, but a very important drop! Let’s start here and set an example to our younger generation.

Thank you!
Tory Crane
Hollister Lane


To whom it may concern,

I was sadly unable to attend the public hearing, but I am writing to express my unequivocal support of the plastic bag ban in Darien. Plastic bags have no place in our society anymore, and Darien cannot continue to be a relic in its implementation of regulations that will help protect our world and our environment. Frankly I am always amazed that we have not banned them sooner, and find it sad that places like Palmers (which I love otherwise) actually push plastic bags as a first option.

Thank you,

Nicole Harder


Darien RTM:

Unfortunately I am unable to attend tomorrow’s public hearing, but I am writing in support of the writing in support of the Proposed Plastic Bag Ordinance for the town of Darien.

The time has come to ban ALL plastic bags in Darien. We must do everything we can to protect our environment and banning plastic bags in our town and promoting the use of reusable checkout bags is one of the many ways we can make a difference!

Thank you for your time.

Abigail Knott
Five Mile River Road


Mr. Patelli,

I am writing to say that I support the draft ordinance to ban plastic bags. Thank you.

Susan McKittrick,

Birch Road


Hi there

Please can we ban the plastic bags in Darien. We do not need to have these – everyone in the town has re-usable bags and its about time we use them

Thank you
Charlotte Morrissey


Feb. 6


I am writing to support the plastic bag ordinance in Darien. It is time to pass this
important ordinance, as they have done in many like-minded towns, including

Liz Parks
Long Neck Point Road


Dear RTM Members:

As a 20-year resident of Darien and former RTM member, I wanted to write to you to express my family’s support for the plastic bag ban.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of the ban.

Warren Pullen
Kerry Lane


To whom it may concern:

I am writing to express my clear interests in supporting the ban on unnecessary, and environmentally harmful, plastic bags to be used by the local businesses we support. There is no short term pain-point that can justify the negative long-term impact this disregard for our environment has on human and animal life around us.

I am happy to speak on this issue if necessary.

Kind regards,

Craig Sloan
HTS, A Fox Sports Media Group Company


I am adamantly opposed to this proposal. The bacteria residue and risk of E-Coli from food particles left in the bags is a health concern. This will also create an unnecessary burden on local stores and additional costs that will be pushed to the citizens.

I strongly urge you to not consider this proposal.

Cindy Smith


Feb. 05

To the members of the Darien RTM:

As a resident and former elected official in Darien, I implore you to vote to abolish use of plastic bags in our town.

Carrying reusable bags is merely a new, easily acquired habit when shopping. It is
essential to take small, but important steps such as these , to protect our environment.


Charlotte T. Suhler


Hi, I was unable to make the meeting last night. I am 100 percent in favor of banning plastic bags in Darien.

Matt Talucci
LaForge Road


Feb. 6
To: DarienRTM
Subject: In favor of the ban on plastic bags!


Diane Urban
Crane Road


Feb. 6

America is way behind — Darien has the means and knowledge to know we must start to reduce plastic.

It’s time. I am in strong support of this ban.

Wendy B. Ward


Feb. 11

I and my family of four are in favor of banning plastic bags. I cannot understand any argument to the contrary.


I am not in favor of this ban as it takes away the inevitable ridiculous circumstances when a plastic bag is needed. For example rain or spillage over the car interior or on clothing. Also dairy products like ice cream in the summer and having food packages leak. A 10 cent charge for bag use is fine.

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