BYO Darien Describes the Proposed Carryout Bag Ordinance This Way

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BYO Darien, the local group advocating for the proposed ordinance restricting plastic and paper carryout bags, has put together this description of the proposal for Darien residents and businesses.

The Representative Town Meeting will receive written emails about the proposal through Friday, March 1 (details below).

Here’s the BYO Darien description:

What is in the ordinance for Retailers?

Retailers keep the charge: Retailers will collect 10 cents for each recycled paper bag provided to a customer. This charge will be retained by the retailer to help defray the cost to the retailer of the recycled paper bags.

Decrease demand for checkout bags: The phase-out of plastic and non-recycled paper check-out bags, coupled with the 10 cent charge for recycled paper check-out bags will result in a significant decrease in the quantity of check-out bags required to be bought and stored by retailers. The 10 cent charge is a proven, effective way to remind customers to bring their own bags, thus reducing overall costs to retailers. The state of California has recorded 72% reduction on demand for checkout bags. New Zealand in December just recorded 80% reduction on the demand of checkout bags.

Retailers will be able to use their pre-existent supply.

What is in the ordinance for Shoppers who bring their own bag?

Save taxpayers money: The town of Darien pays its hauler $94 dollars for each ton of trash taken to the incinerator. This cost is passed on to residents in the form of tax. Once Darien residents start to bring their own bags we’ll see a reduction in the amount of trash sent to be burned, thus saving money for taxpayers. By bringing their own bags, not only will the environment be cleaner, but a financial savings for the town should be realized.

Less clutter! Shoppers won’t have to deal with the excessive number of check-out bags in their own house.

Fashion: Shoppers can choose among many different designs for their favorite reusable bag.

Shoppers can experience the satisfaction of being a partner in a cleaner environment.

What is in the ordinance for Darien?

By joining with other towns in SW Connecticut, Darien will become part of the leadership movement toward a more sustainable future. We will show ourselves to be a town that listens to our constituents and behaves in a way that protects a bright future for our current families and future generations.

Greenwich, Westport, Stamford, Norwalk, New Canaan, Weston and Hamden have already passed. Can Darien still be a leader in this initiative?


You Can Submit Your Own Comments Through Friday, March 1

  • Additional comments on the “Proposed Ordinance for the Management of Plastic and Paper Checkout Bags in Darien” can be submitted through Friday, March 1 if emailed to

If the town seems in favor of an ordinance, the RTM will have several key details to consider, said Monica McNally, chair of the RTM Public Works Committee, who presided over the Feb. 6 public hearing on the proposal.

McNally said those key details include:

  • Should there be a mandatory charge on paper bags that are collected and kept by a business establishment?
  • What should the minimum thickness be on a recycled bag that a store or business establishment sells?
  • Should there be stipulated standards on the composition of the paper bags that are offered by the stores?
  • What should the effective date be after the approval of the ordinance?
  • “These are some of the points that we would like to hear your thoughts on,” McNally said.


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