Saturday Recycling Tips: What You Can Do with Bags

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You can recycle bags, and do that at the Darien Recycling Center, but for many bags there are even better options that the recycling center hopes you’ll choose. Here are two tips about bags from the Darien Recycling Center:

Image from Darien Recycling Center on Facebook o3-18-17#1 — Avoid disposable bags

Single use plastic & paper bags are recyclable, but let’s face it: a lot of resources go into making, transporting & recycling them. 100 billion (yes — BILLION) plastic bags are consumed annually in the U.S., and many end up littering our landscapes, highways and waterways.

A variety of reusable bags are available — most are inexpensive, durable and can be cleaned. Find ones you like and make a habit of using them!

#2 — Darien Thrift Shop can use them

Wading through shopping bags, tissue paper and packing materials? All can be recycled in single stream but, better yet, most of these materials can be reused by non-profits like the DCA Thrift Shop (996 Post Road).

Image from Darien Recycling Center on Facebook 03-18-17

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