Police: Teenage Party with Five 30-Packs of Cold Beer at Brookside Road Home



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Acting on an anonymous online tip, Darien police say that on on Saturday they found a few teenagers, ages 16 and 17, and five 30-packs of cold beer at a party on Brookside Road.


Correction: Darien police say only a few youths were found at the house where the party took place. They did not see 20 to 30 there, as initially reported in this article. The initial, anonymous report to police, unconfirmed, was that 20 to 30 teenagers were at the party. The article headline and text are now changed.


A 17-year-old boy hosting the party was issued an infraction ticket charging him with possession of alcohol by a minor. Police called the parents of all the other teenagers to have rides home arranged. Police say they did not find evidence that anyone underage was drinking alcohol — only evidence that as of 8:09 p.m. that was the plan.

Police described the incident with this account (including accusations not proven in court):

At 8:09 p.m., police were called to a house on the 200 block of Brookside Road (a bit  north of its intersection with Three Wells Lane). They arrived to see several youths walking on the driveway from a vehicle and toward the house.


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The host of the party said no alcohol was being served and no drinking was taking place. Police, as they regularly do in these circumstances, conducted a “safety check” by looking into each room of the house to see if there are any youths in distress from too much drinking.

As they did so, in one room they found the five 30 packs of beer.

When Darien police find alcohol in these circumstances, they take a representative sample in case it’s needed in court and allow a responsible adult of legal drinking age who appears to be the owner to claim the rest.


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