Police: Teenage Host Charged After Underage Party with Alcohol

Darien Police Headquarters and Sign


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Darien police, receiving a tip Saturday night through the department’s new online tip service that teenagers were drinking at a party on Brookside Road, found the party, the teenagers and the alcohol.

The tip came in at 9:44 p.m. When police showed up at the residence of the address they were given, they saw a female standing in front of the garage, which is detached from the house.

The homeowner met them at the door and told them his son had some friends over in a room connected to the detached garage. When police entered the room, they found 17 teenagers, along with a table with a lot of red plastic cups on it set up for beer pong and four 30-packs of beer on the floor.

None of the teens would say who brought the alcohol. Eight of the teenagers are age 18, another nine age 17 (six females and 11 males). Police had their parents take each one of them home.

The host of the party, an 18-year-old man. He was given a misdemeanor summons charging him with failing to halt possession of alcohol by a minor, and told to appear April 12 in state Superior Court in Stamford.

This is the second recent occasion when a tip through the department’s electronic tip line service has resulted in police discovering a teenage party with alcohol. The tip about the recent party on Allwood Road also came through the same electronic tip line.