Teenage Party with Beer Broken Up: One Teen Charged



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Police, alerted to a party with at least 20 to 30 teenagers on Dickenson Road, found cases of beer and charged the host, who had turned 18 that day, with failure to halt possession of alcohol by a minor.

Darien police described the incident with this account (including accusations not proven in court):

A resident of the street called police at 9:17 p.m. to complain of a large party with teenagers. The party at first had appeared to have broken up but later a group returned, and the party got much larger, police were told.

When police arrived, they found 20 to 30 youths standing on the property, some holding cardboard boxes that looked a lot like beer cases. When they saw police arriving, the youths scattered. Police saw at least two cases of beer in the garage.

In the basement police found a lot of beer, along with ice and a table set up for beer pong.


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The host was found on the second floor of the house, his parents weren’t around, but he contacted them and asked them to return home.

The host told police he was planning on having a few friends over, but then unwanted guests arrived with the beer. He never called police to help get the unwanted guests out, so he was charged.

Police contacted the parents of those who they found at the party (the police report didn’t say how many), and parents made arrangements to get the teenagers home.

Police Chief Duane Lovello said in an interview last week that a committee including himself and representatives from Darien Public Schools and others in town is continuing to work on a diversionary program for teenagers found drinking to help educate them about the dangers of alcohol. New Canaan has set up a similar program.

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