UPDATE: Two Drunk Teens, Other Misbehavior Among Fans Noted at High School Game

Darien Police SUV Pointed Right

A Darien police SUV with a "push bar" in the front.

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Two intoxicated teenagers were removed from the Darien High School campus on Saturday by police, and New Canaan High School’s principal indicated there was more misbehavior going on among spectators of the boys lacrosse game between the two schools.

The principal William Egan, on Monday addressed an email to students at that school and copied the wider NCHS community, saying he was “disappointed with the behavior of a few our students at the Darien/NC lacrosse game.”

“Consuming or possessing alcohol, threatening or harassing others, acting disrespectfully, and/or any behaviors that would not be tolerated in school will not be permitted at these contests,” Egan said in his email.

“If it is witnessed, students will be removed from the game and may face significant disciplinary action in school, up to and including suspension. Also, it is important to note that it is illegal for anyone, regardless of age, to possess alcohol on school grounds at any time.”

Egan said those who attend games have the right to do so “without hearing profanity and seeing students make negative choices.”

Darien police were called to the campus at about 3:30 p.m. on a report of a New Canaan teenager passed out in the woods near the baseball field. That was at about the time that Darien and New Canaan boys lacrosse teams were playing (or had just concluded their game).

The boy, 17, told police he had been drinking at a friend’s house in New Canaan before he went to a sports game at Darien with friends, who left him there.

Police called in Darien EMS-Post 53 to see if he needed to go to the hospital, but the EMTs cleared him to be released. The boys parents were away, but police were able to contact them. The boy was released at about 4 p.m. to a friend of the family.

It was unclear from Darien police whether or not the boy was charged with any crime, but town police often don’t charge teenagers with underage drinking unless alcohol is found at the same place.

The police spokesman had almost no information on the removal of a female teenager, who was taken to a hospital sometime Saturday after she was found intoxicated.

Editor’s note: Parts of this article dealing with William Egan’s message were originally published by NewCanaanite.com, in an article by Michael Dinan, editor of that publication.