Only One Unlocked Car Entered Overnight in Darien As of March 1 — But an Above-Average Haul

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Reported burglaries of unlocked motor vehicles in Darien went down to only one after Sunday of last week, but the thief or thieves got four bank cards, four store credit cards, a debit card and about $40 in cash.

Darien police gave this account of the theft:

Sometime overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, Feb. 28 to March 1, a white 2015 BMW parked outside 65 Hoyt St. was entered. The owner, 48, reported the theft to police at 7:46 a.m.

She had last seen the car at 10 p.m. the night before, then got back to the car at 7 a.m. The stolen items had been taken from her purse, although other valuable items in the purse were left behind.

Nothing suspicious was heard or seen overnight.

Editor’s note: is publishing addresses where thefts have taken place after owners have left cars unlocked or apparently unlocked. We see no added danger to the owners by publishing these addresses and some help for neighbors who may realize they need to start locking their cars to protect themselves.


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