Police Chief on Recent Car Burglary Spree: 2 Arrests Helped, Other Towns Getting Similar Burglaries

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Darien isn’t unusual in getting hit with a recent rash of burglaries into unlocked motor vehicles, and it looks like the two teenagers recently arrested in town could solve a dozen of the recent burglaries, Police Chief Ray Osborne says.

Ray Osborne Police Commission 03-02-17

Image from the Darien TV79 video of the March 1, 2017 Police Commission meeting

Police Chief Ray Osborne at Wednesday night\’s meeting of the Darien Police Commission

Speaking to the Police Commission at its regular meeting on Wednesday, Osborne said the two 17-year-old Stamford boys arrested by police admitted to quite a few burglaries. One of the boys had been found in Stamford inside an SUV stolen from Wilson Ridge Road.

“Through some interviews with them, we got admissions of at least 12 other motor vehicle burglaries they had done a couple of nights previous to that [the day of the interviews],” Osborne told the commission.

“Stamford ended up charging them, as well, with numerous motor vehicle burglaries,” he said.

Osborne said that on Tuesday he went to a Connecticut Police Chiefs Association meeting and talked with a number of police chiefs from around the state, “and every one of them had been commenting on how their suburban towns have been victimized by juveniles coming in from some of the bigger cities — New Haven, Hartford, Meriden — and performing the same types of motor vehicle burglaries in their towns […]” That is, entering unlocked motor vehicles to steal from them.

The police chiefs said something similar to what Darien police have been saying about residents leaving cars unlocked overnight, Osborne said: “They just can’t get a grip on getting the residents to lock up the vehicles parked in their driveways.”

He said the teenage thieves act in a similar way: They look for unlocked cars, and when they get in, “They’re looking for loose change, whatever they can find. if they find keys in the vehicles, they’re stealing vehicles, so this is not just something that’s limited to Darien. It’s going on throughout the state. We’re not alone.”

Video: Watch the Meeting

Osborne’s comments appear near the beginning of this Darien TV79 video of the short meeting:

Police Comm 3-1-17 from Darien TV79 on Vimeo.