WORSE THAN EVER: 22 Motor Vehicle Burglaries in Darien on Three Nights Last Week



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Darien Police report an eye-popping 22 motor vehicles were entered in town in the course of last week — every single one of them unlocked — with items taken from some.

Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

Police can say it until they’re blue in the face, but hardly anybody seems to be listening: “LOCK YOUR CAR. EVERY TIME. EVERYWHERE.”

Police believe all of the vehicles were entered overnight, either on April 11 to 12, April 13 to 14 or April 14 to 15.

Police didn’t provide detailed descriptions of each incident — just released this long list (nothing was taken from the vehicles on the list unless specifically mentioned below):

Overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, April 11 to 12 — total of 14 vehicles

* 1 on McLaren Road

* 2 on Fairview Avenue

* 2 on Midbrook Lane

* 1 on Cherry St. — missing items Magahino brand wallet, valued at $150; three credit cards

* 3 on Robinson Street

* 3 on Hamilton Lane — missing items from one car: $10 worth of coins; $20 in paper currency; a pair of sunglasses, brand unknown, value unknown.

* 2 on Charles St.

Darien Police Advisory About Car Burglaries and Thefts

On Monday, April 10. When announcing the motor vehicle burglaries and car thefts from the week before, police added this statement:

The Darien Police Department again cautions all residents to lock their vehicles at all times. The recent spate of motor vehicle burglaries and motor vehicle thefts all largely share one commonality; the vehicles were left unlocked and, in the case of stolen vehicles, the keys were left inside.

We cannot state this strongly enough; the ongoing protection of valuable property is really a joint effort between the property owners and law enforcement.

We simply cannot be everywhere, every day, at every moment to protect your property. Please help us help you; do not leave valuables in your vehicle and please ensure that your vehicles are locked at all times, no matter where they are parked.

Overnight Thursday to Friday, April 13 to 14 — just one vehicle

* 1 on Fitch Ave

Overnight Friday to Saturday, April 14 to 15 — seven vehicles

* 2 on Miles Road

* 1 on Woods End Road — missing: a bottle of wine (valued at $16), shirt ($15), gift card ($50), another gift card ($30), empty gift bag ($5) and headbands ($10) — Total value: $126

* 1 on Relihan oa

* 1 on Stanton Road

* 1 on Glenwood Road

* 1 on Ridge Acres Road — missing: Ray Ban sunglasses valued at $250

Police say they are continuing to investigate the incidents as of Monday afternoon.

Unrelated, but also involving vehicles last week in Darien:

Darien officers responded to nine motor vehicle collisions during the week, four of which involved minor injuries.

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