Sunglasses, iPhone Stolen from Unlocked Car on Sedgewick Ave

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When a car (later recovered) was reported stolen from Rocaton Road several weeks ago, a resident of Sedgewick Avenue, not far away, decided to report the theft of an iPhone 6 and a pair of sunglasses from an unlocked car on the same night.

The Rocaton Road theft was discovered by the owner of the car on the morning of Feb. 22.

The man, 55, told police the iPhone was in his BMW 5 series, parked in his driveway overnight at 71 Sedgewick Ave., when the car had been entered sometime between 9 p.m., and the next morning at 8 a.m.

At first, when he found that the car had been entered and the glove box and center console had been riffled through, he didn’t think anything had been taken. Later, he realized that the iPhone, which he’d kept in the car to listen to music, and the sunglasses were gone.

The man contacted police after he he heard of the theft of an unlocked car on nearby Rocaton Road and its later recovery on Feb. 27 in Bridgeport. On March 6, the Sedgewick Road resident gave police details about the theft from his car.

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