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Police: An Unusual Report and an Incorrect One Result in Cops, Guns in Hand, Confronting Yankees GM Brian Cashman in Downtown Darien

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When Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman was at a gas station in downtown Darien on Friday, police said, he was confronted by multiple police officers, their guns in hand, who had been told the white Jeep he was driving had been stolen. In fact, he was driving his own vehicle, which had been returned to him after it had been stolen — but information that he again had his Jeep Wrangler, which had been taken in Norwalk, wasn’t in the notification system to other police agencies, according to Darien police. That was only one of two reports that led to the confrontation. Police were on the look-out for a white Jeep-like vehicle after a report from a Darien doctor’s office that a patient there had walked in with a gun — and left in a white vehicle that either was or looked like a Jeep. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Police Release Image of Male Suspected of Looking for Loot in Motor Vehicle

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“DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?” Darien police ask in a post on Facebook. Images from a video show a young man or teenager both inside and outside a vehicle in the driveway at night. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Five Stolen Vehicles, 14 Total Entered on Various Nights Last Week

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Darien police, who had previously announced that five vehicles had been stolen last week, and a total of 11 entered, on Tuesday provided details about those incidents and three more over the weekend. All of the vehicles appear to have been unlocked, and the stolen ones also had keys inside. (more…) Continue Reading →

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