Police Release Image of Male Suspected of Looking for Loot in Motor Vehicle

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“DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?” Darien police ask in a post on Facebook. Images from a video show a young man or teenager both inside and outside a vehicle in the driveway at night.

Image distributed by Darien P.D.

Inside …

The time stamp on the video indicates the suspect was in what appears to be a sport utility vehicle at 1:06 a.m., Sunday, June 30 (assuming the time stamp is correct).

“The victim of a motor vehicle burglary in town was able to provide the Darien police with these great surveillance images of the criminal thanks to their home-surveillance equipment,” the Friday morning post said.

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“If you recognize the male in this picture, please contact us at 203-662-5300 and reference case #2019-008549.”

Image distributed by Darien P.D.

Outside, going in. When you leave your car unlocked overnight, this is the kind of behavior you subsidize.


In Case You Missed It …

Police issued this statement about thieves entering unlocked vehicles overnight and what you can do (beyond the most effective thing, locking the doors) to stop it:

With the summer in full swing, it appears that Darien has once again become the target of vehicle burglars and thieves.

Surveillance video suspected thief in vehicle

Closeup of image distributed by Darien P.D.

Poster boy

The Darien Police remain committed to investigating these crimes as they occur, but in the interest of safety, we’d prefer that Darien wasn’t seen as a “soft target” for perpetrators.

In addition to the theft of physical items, the Darien Police see many identity-theft and fraud issues stemming from the taking of personal items in these incidents.

The theft of a person’s identity can cause a ripple effect of crime that is often times difficult to stop and/or measure.

Things such as identification cards, licenses, bank cards, checks, bills, personal papers, etc. can be used for a large number of financial crimes.

As always we remind citizens to:

—Lock your vehicle at all times

—Active vehicle security system

—Don’t store primary or secondary keys in the vehicle

—Don’t store valuable items in your vehicle  If suspicious activity or persons are observed, call the Darien Police as soon as possible

—Make sure any security camera systems you have installed in your home are in good working order and pointed in useful directions

—Take advantage of subscriptions offered by your vehicle manufacturer that “connect” the vehicle (i.e.- On Star)

These simple steps can protect you from dealing with a missing vehicle, stolen personal property, missing cash, identity theft, bank fraud, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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