Car Unlocked, Key Inside — the Ultimate in Convenience for Thief Who Stole It

Police Police

Image from state police/Police

State police published this image on social media earlier this year.

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Approaching a 2012 Toyota Prius parked outside overnight from Oct. 27 to 28 at 28 Edgewood Road, a thief found not only that the car was unlocked but that the key fob inside it allowed the car itself to be stolen, not just whatever was inside.

The owner, whether on purpose or not, did what many Darien car owners do. The thief did what thieves do.

Several days later, Bridgeport police found the car on Pennsylvania Avenue. Darien police did not say whether the EZ Pass transponder, the garage door remote (in the driver’s side door pocket), which had all been left in the vehicle, were still in it.

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