One Unlocked Vehicle Entered on Leroy Ave Last Week

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A male on Leroy Avenue told police that someone entered his motor vehicle overnight from Sunday to Monday last week.

That Monday morning, Nov. 20, when the victim came to the vehicle open. The vehicle hadn’t been locked overnight, the victim told police after calling them at 8:25 a.m.

The vehicle was parked outside a house at 149 Leroy Ave. No other resident of the area reported that a vehicle had been entered that night; police did not say whether they went around the neighborhood to ask if anyone knew of anything suspicious.

Police did not announce any other vehicles being entered over the course of the rest of the week.

Four nights before the incident on Leroy Avenue, several vehicles were entered in town, but the nearest of them, on Rebel Lane (on the other side of Interstate 95), were more than a mile away from Monday night’s incident. Two of the four were stolen that night. Those vehicles were unlocked or possibly unlocked (there was no indication, like broken glass, that the vehicles had been entered).

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