US Rep Jim Himes Knows the Danger of Addiction and Fights for Anti-Drug Funding

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To the editor:

In the United States, it is more likely that an individual will die from an opioid overdose than a motor vehicle accident. The overprescription of painkillers by medical professionals has resulted in widespread addiction to narcotics.

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Opioid addiction ruins lives. People become so dependent on the drugs that they neglect their jobs, families, friends and their own well-being. From oxycodone to heroin, Americans’ lives are plagued by the hold that these drugs have on them.

Jim Himes recognizes the dangers of addiction and is actively fighting against the epidemic. Himes supports increased state funding to support programs to help individuals fight their addictions.

Congressman Himes also announced in 2020 that the organizations The Partnership (Positive Directions), the Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking & Drugs (TPAUD) and Kids in Crisis were set to receive $125,000 a year for five years to focus on reducing drug use in the area. Himes also supported a designated $402 million to go towards veterans opioid abuse prevention.

The opioid epidemic is an American public health issue. Jim Himes is working tirelessly to combat the epidemic to improve the lives and communities of those impacted by narcotics. Vote for Himes on November 3. Be a part of the fight against opioid addiction.

Stacey Tié

Clocks Lane

Editor’s note: Election-related letters will be accepted up to 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022.

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