You’ve Been in a Car Accident and Need a Lawyer — Who Will Need YOUR Help: Advice from an Attorney

Matthew Maddox Latest 912-2-16

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Attorney Matthew Maddox of New Canaan

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Your goal when you hire an attorney is to win your case. Of course, he or she counts on skills and experience. Even so, your attorney doesn’t do it all on his own. A good client-attorney relationship is a key factor in winning the case.

There are many ways to help your attorney throughout the process. Here are some of the best tips for a desirable outcome:

1. Be Open and Honest
Matthew Maddox Latest 912-2-16

Photo by Taylor Lauren Barker

Attorney Matthew Maddox of New Canaan

Most people fear that they can’t adequately explain everything that happened to them. Sometimes when people are anxious and nervous after an accident, they leave things out when speaking with a lawyer.

You must start by being honest and completely open with your attorney. He or she will rely upon you to share everything so that he can make a plan and build a strong case.

Don’t skip anything. An experienced car accident attorney knows that the client is best served when everything is out in the open. Be sure to share everything so that your case is well-documented and strong.

2. Compile a Detailed Description of the Events

Help your attorney by putting the facts together in chronological order. Your lawyer needs to get an accurate description of the events. That is crucial, especially in severe injury cases.

They need to understand the exact circumstances of the incident, including timelines and physical details of an accident scene. This helps your lawyer make a proper evaluation.  This will also help your lawyer begin to understand what compensation you’re entitled to.

3. Give Your Attorney All the Necessary Information

There are several essential details your attorney needs to know:

  • The exact circumstances: These include the date, time, and place of the accident and how it happened. Be very thorough with this. Make a written list of everything that you remember.
  • The witnesses: Note the names, phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses.  They all had different viewpoints. Your attorney will want to arrange for them to be interviewed. What they have to say will help build your case.
  • Car info: Gather the documentation related to your vehicle. It should include: make, plate number, year, owner, auto insurance, and any claim number that you may already have.
  • Injuries: Keep a clear record of all your healthcare.
  • Photos: If you’re able, take photos of the accident scene and the cars that were involved. This is important evidence for your case. And they’re absolutely essential if your car was totaled.
4. Help Your Lawyer by Providing the Basic Info About the Other Party

Your attorney also needs data related to the other driver. Here is the info you should collect:

  • Personal details – Make a list containing the name, address, date of birth, and contact information. Add any other relevant details you can gather.
  • Car and insurance information – Here you’ll also include: make, plate number, year – everything related to the other driver’s insurance policy is essential.
5. Be Open About Prior Legal Problems and Accidents
  • Prior convictions – Let your attorney know if you’ve had any convictions in the past. The other party will surely dig in and find it out. They might try to use this fact against you in court. Your attorney needs to be prepared for this.
  • Any other injuries that happened before the accident — the same as above, in the case of litigation, the attorney needs to know any similar prior records. If you’ve had any similar injuries in the past, you need to talk to your lawyer.

Last, but not least, try to keep in touch with your attorney. You need to give each other constant feedback and share all the updates.


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