Map Gas Mains in Darien installed in 2018

Natural Gas Expansion Into Darien Could Have Direct and Indirect Benefits — If You’re Along the Route

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Homeowners along the four-mile route where Eversource is installing natural gas mains this summer and (possibly) fall can get a big discount on hookups, and then lower energy bills that would make back the initial investment of new equipment costs after 10 to 12 years, utility officials say. But there’s a bigger, indirect gain for every homeowner who switches from heating oil or propane to natural gas, and it’s not just utility officials who say so. That can come with higher home resale values, which by themselves could pay for the installation, aside from any utility-bill savings. The big financial gain for the 200 or so homeowners with property along the gas main routes could come when they sell their home, because homebuyers often pay more for homes heated by natural gas, according to some experts not affiliated with the industry. According to a 2012 study by a real estate business in the (colder) Boston area, natural gas in homes increased their sales value by $11 per square foot, or $22,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home (more information below).

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Gas Lines Start Going in Monday, First on Ledge Rd and Greenwood Ave

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Contractors working for Eversource will begin installing gas lines at two spots in town — on Ledge Road and Greenwood Avenue — starting  Monday, April 9, as part of a significant natural gas expansion in town. With work beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m., the crews will start at the intersection of Ledge Road and the Post Road on Monday, working up to the transfer station and town Public Works Garage. — an announcement from Darien Police
The project will continue throughout the spring and summer months. 

On Greenwood Avenue
Also on Monday, work will start on Greenwood Avenue between Camp Avenue and Hoyt Street. “This will require the temporary closure of Greenwood Avenue during the normal work day,” a Darien police announcement said. “Only residents of Greenwood Avenue and guests of residents will be allowed access and exit during the work day,” according to the announcement.

Map natural gas 3-22-16

Eversource, Town Officials Describe Natural Gas Expansion Project for Darien

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Starting this summer, Eversource wants to start digging to install natural gas pipes along West Avenue and up to Darien High School and Royle School, according to a company official. Chris Luca, a project manager for Eversource, told the Board of Selectmen on Monday that the utility and the town are close to an agreement on a $4.2 million project to lay 18,700 feet of pipes in town — about 3 1/2 miles. Town officials and the utility plan to get streets near schools dug up and repaved before students return in the fall. The company is aiming to have gas service ready for spring of 2017, when developers of major commercial redevelopment projects in the Noroton Heights business district and Corbin Drive/Post Road hope to get construction started. Middlesex Middle School and the Noroton Heights Fire Department would also get gas service, which has been less expensive in recent years than oil heat.

Natural Gas

Eversource Announces Natural Gas Expansion Elsewhere, Still Negotiating with Darien

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Eversource, the natural gas and electricity utility for Darien and many other Connecticut communities, has announced that natural gas service will be expanded in Oxford and Stonington this spring, while negotiations continue for more service in Darien. “Terms are […] being finalized on a large-scale plan in Darien to bring natural gas to the town’s municipal buildings, schools, several homes and three community revitalization projects,” the company said in an announcement Monday. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said in late January that the town is discussing with Eversource the building of a gas line along West Avenue from the Post Road to the Stamford border that would provide service to homes and businesses along that route, including the Noroton Heights commercial district. The town is also discussing additional branch gas lines that would bring service to Middlesex Middle School and the Noroton Heights Fire Station, neither of which is far from West Avenue. Stevenson said in January that town officials were also hoping to get gas service to Darien High School and Royle School, off of Mansfield Avenue.


Stevenson: ‘Final Details’ Stage for Agreement to Expand Natural Gas Service in Darien

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First Selectman Jayme Stevenson says town officials are “finishing the details” for an agreement with Eversource to expand natural gas service in town, including along all of West Avenue, and town officials want the service to extend to the high school and Royle School. Noroton Heights Fire Station on Noroton Avenue would also get natural gas as a result of the project, and town officials want to extend a line up Hollow Tree Ridge Road to Middlesex Middle School for service there, Stevenson said. Typically, natural gas is expected to be available to homes and businesses directly along the route to new locations like these — in this case from West Avenue. “We’re moving forward with putting the final details on the [natural] gas expansion project development agreement,” Stevenson said. “I’ve been talking with [Darien Public Schools Superintendent] Dr. [Dan] Brenner about it.”