Letters to the Editor on the Klein/Wood Contest for State Representative

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These letters about the election recently were sent regarding the election in the 141st state House of Representatives district:

Klein Would Be Better at Balancing CT’s Budget

To the editor:


Two-cent U.S. postage stamp. You, too can get your two cent’s worth in with a letter to the editor published by Darienite.com. Email it to dave@darienite.com

Complaining about issues is easy. Solving issues is hard. Stories about Connecticut’s budget deficit are all too frequent, but we don’t often hear real solutions proposed to fix this problem. That’s why I was happy to read Randy Klein’s plan to balance our budget.

Randy proposes to take on Connecticut’s costly pension obligations to ensure that future benefits for state workers aren’t richer than benefits provided in the private sector.

Klein’s proposal to cap the governor’s bonding authority will make sure government gets smarter about how they use our tax dollars. If you believe in real solutions aimed at balanced budgets, vote for Randy Klein for state representative.

— Cecil Wade

Klein Would Help Cut Budget Waste, Reform Budget

A vote for Randy Klein for State Representative is a vote to fix our state budget.

As a business owner for 36 years, Randy has experience negotiating with his own employees and suppliers which guarantees he will be an effective negotiator in Hartford for taxpayers.

His plan is to eliminate redundant resources in state government, cap the governor’s bonding authority, and freeze employee wages and benefits which will help to bring true budget reform.

Randy Klein is passionate about these issues and your vote will bring about positive change for all of us.

— Elizabeth Hall

Wood Will Fight for Local Control of Our Schools

To the editor:

As a former Board of Education chair, I’ve read with great bemusement the education claims made by those challenging Terrie Wood for state representative.  The reality is that we need a strong advocate like Terrie Wood to fight for local control of our schools.

I know from personal experience that the last thing Darien’s schools need is more Big Government interference from Hartford.  It’s a fundamental philosophical difference between the top-down “we know best” approach promoted by the Democrats who control our state government versus a grass-roots bottom-up community approach that Terrie will be our advocate for.

Local communities, acting through locally elected officials, are best able to make the commonsense choices that will prepare our children for the next steps in their lives.  Terrie Wood gets that.  That’s why I’m voting for her on Nov. 8, and I urge all Darien voters to do the same.

— John V. Boulton

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