Holmes Court House Burglarized, Police Have Two Suspects

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Darien Police Headquarters

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Investigating a burglary of a Holmes Court home that occurred Thursday afternoon, Darien police got a description of two males that fit a very similar description of a boy and a man arrested in Stamford.

Police are still investigating the case and haven’t made any arrests, but they gave this account of the matter:

At about 2:30 p.m., residents returned to the house but didn’t immediately see that anything was missing until about 3 p.m., when they called police. There was no forced entry into the home.

Missing: an Xbox One video game console, several video games, an iPad tablet computer, two Toshiba laptop computers and about $300 missing from a wallet in a nightstand drawer. Police found nothing else in the neighborhood seemed to be disturbed.

But they had already had a clue that may lead to the case being solved: Earlier in the day, at about 11 a.m., police received a report of two suspicious males, both black, on bicycles and with backpacks on the street not far from the burglarized house. They were wearing hoodies to cover their faces. It isn’t clear from the police statement what was suspicious about the two.

There have been several recent residential burglaries in Stamford. Darien police asked police there if they had similar incidents. There were — the day before in the Cove area, a neighborhood close to Darien. The suspects there matched the Darien description and were active at a similar time of day.

On Friday. April 22, Stamford police had two suspects in custody who matched the description Darien police had. One is a juvenile; one, an adult. Both were arrested by Stamford police, who were also looking into previous incidents.

The Darien police investigation is continuing. Items lost in the Darien burglary hadn’t yet been found by Monday.

What You Can Do to Make a Burglary Less Likely

According to a recent article in the Stamford Advocate, a police spokesman there said burglaries have increased with the warm weather, and burglars have been using patio furniture to get through windows that haven’t been locked.

In Darien, police have often found that burglars walk in through unlocked doors.


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