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Old Town Hall Homes Now ‘The Royle at Darien’ — You Can Be Notified When They Start Considering Applications

Rendering Front Royle at Darien
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Old Town Hall Homes is now being rebuilt, and it’s getting a new name to go along with the new, expanded number of apartments: “The Royle at Darien.” Royle School used to be on the site, even before the previous Town Hall was located there. You can now get on the notification list for those who want to apply for an apartment in the new building. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Seniors, Disabled People Can Get on Darien Human Services Dept List for Calls Before Storms, Town Emergencies

Senior older guy on phone FTC video Family Emergency Imposter Scams 2018
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The staff of Darien Human Services keeps a list of seniors and disabled individuals to contact prior to a storm or town-wide emergency to provide reassurance and peace of mind, and they’ll add seniors and the disabled to the list — just ask them. (more…) Continue Reading →

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FTC: ID Thieves Promise Free DNA Testing Kit from Medicare in Exchange for Social Security #

Image from FTC video Hang up on fraudulent telemarketing
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Here’s one that goes to show just how creative scammers can be. The FTC is getting reports that callers claiming to be from Medicare are asking people for their Medicare numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personal information — in exchange for DNA testing kits. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Police: Nurse at Maplewood at Darien Stole Opioid Drugs from Residents

Stacey Thompson mug shot
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A 34-year-old nurse admitted to stealing Tramadol, an opioid medication for pain, from four elderly residents at Maplewood at Darien for months, starting in January or February, police said. She said, according to police, that she did it to deal with physical pain she was experiencing. (more…) Continue Reading →

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