Visitation Dispute Between Estranged Mother and Father Starts in Wilton, Ends Up in Lobby of Darien Police HQ

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A 38-year-old Norwalk man was arrested in connection with a visitation dispute with the mother of his son that began in the driveway the woman’s home in Wilton and ended up in the lobby of Darien Police Headquarters, Darien police said.

Darien police charged the man with disorderly conduct and reckless driving and gave him a misdemeanor summons in connection with the incident in the lobby, and Wilton police charged him with risk of injury to a minor (a felony), disorderly conduct and second-degree unlawful restraint in connection with the incident in Wilton.

Here’s how Darien police described what happened, including accusations not proven in court:

At 5:10 p.m. on Saturday, June 2, Darien police were dispatched to the lobby of their own Police Department on the report of a physical alteration. By the time the dispatched officers arrived, police from inside the building had already separated the parties.

The Woman’s Account

The Wilton woman said that she had a dispute with the father of her 12-year-old child over visitation. He had arrived at her home to pick up the child

The woman said he parked in a way that seemed to be intended to block her vehicle from leaving, although she was able to get around his car and leave the driveway. As she maneuvered her vehicle around his, her vehicle struck the side of his.

She drove off, and he followed her, so she went to Darien Police Headquarters and pulled in the lot on the east side of the building — nearest Darien Library.

The man, again, tried to block them in where the car was parked, but she was able, again, to maneuver around his vehicle, and she parked in front of the building, on the street. She and their boy rushed into the building lobby.

While she was trying to tell the dispatcher at the window what had just happened, the man entered the lobby and grabbed the boy by the arm, telling the boy to come with him.

The woman tried to get between the man and the child, telling him to let go. In response, the man used the back of his arm to separate the woman from the child. At this point, officers from elsewhere in the building rushed into the lobby and told everyone to separate.

The Man’s Account

The man told police he had been upset about a disagreement with the woman about custody. He was supposed to have custody of the boy that weekend, but was told the child had plans that were going to preclude him from seeing the boy.

Since the father wasn’t consulted about the plans and since it was his assigned weekend, he went to the woman’s home.

He said that when he parked, he wasn’t trying to block the woman’s vehicle, but the driveway is narrow. He told police how he had told the woman to give him the child and how the woman had left the scene, striking his vehicle in the process.

He then followed the woman to the Darien Police Department, where the struggle ensued. He admitted that he used his his arm to push the woman away.

Darien police charged the man with disorderly conduct and reckless driving. They also called Wilton police, who sent over an officer who arrested the man.

Wilton police said the man was released on $2,500 bond and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Norwalk on Monday. He was also scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Monday, a scheduling conflict that the court system typically resolves.

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