Darien Domestic Violence Arrest 2018

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Darien Woman Previously Charged in Roadway Confrontation Now Charged in Domestic Violence Incident

Adoabi Kurylov mug shot
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When a 37-year-old Darien woman was arrested March 13 on domestic violence charges, it was the fourth time police had charged her since last September and the third arrest since December in which she’d been charged with a violent act. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Police: Woman, Slapped by Man at Diner, Runs Off, Bangs on Car Window, Yelling for Help

Police Car
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A woman at Driftwood Diner,  struck in the face by a man she was in a relationship with, ran down the Post Road late Wednesday night and at one point knocked on the window of a car and yelled for help, Darien police said. According to police, the 63-year-old Norwalk man who struck her denied that the confrontation was physical. Police charged him nevertheless. (more…) Continue Reading →

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