Tokeneke Aces Health Inspection ‘Retest’ & All Public Schools Now Inspected

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Tokeneke School cafeteria received a perfect score of 100 in its most recent inspection on Jan. 22 after the school received an uncharacteristic “Poor” rating on Jan. 12, when a health inspector found food not being kept at the proper temperatures.

Health Director David Knauf later said an item of equipment wasn’t keeping food at the right temperature, so the equipment was relpaced. previously reported on that inspection:

“Hamburgers and tater tots weren’t hot enough at the Tokeneke School cafeteria on Tuesday when a Darien Health Department sanitarian showed up for an inspection, according to the department.

“That resulted in a very rare “Poor” rating under the town Health Department’s scoring system, although under the state health code rating system, Tokeneke still received a 94. You can see the inspection report here.”

Recent inspection results

In the list of health inspection results, below, information is listed by name, address, date of inspection, Darien rating, state score, inspector’s comments that led to the state rating and additional remarks on the inspection report. Dates link to the school cafeteria’s most recent inspection report online, and Darien ratings link to a Web page showing the restaurant’s recent inspection ratings.


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Information within brackets (“[ ]”) has been added for clarity by; semicolons like this (“;”) separate individual comments, each one with a particular violation that triggers a point deduction from a perfect state score of 100 points.

  • Darien High School — High School Lane — Jan. 25GOOD — 100
  • Hindley School — 10 Nearwater Lane — Jan. 5GOOD — 95 — Inspector’s remarks: “Two boxes on the floor in walk-in [refrigeration unit]; replace worn cutting boards; floor in need of repair outside walk-in freezer.” Additional inspection comments: “Hand washing observed!”
  • Holmes School — 18 Hoyt St. — Jan. 26GOOD — 95 — Inspector’s Remarks: “No food thermometer in front of cold-holding display with yogurt, butter, cream cheese; replace knives starting to chip on the blade and rust; floors in walk-in refrigerator showing signs of wear — paint, chipped [and] some rust.” Inspector’s additional comments: “Good. Excellent hand washing practices!”
  • Middlesex Middle School — 204 Hollow Tree Ridge Road — Jan. 25GOOD — 100
  • Ox Ridge School — 395 Mansfield Ave. — Jan. 11GOOD — 98 — Inspector’s remarks: “Waste water frozen on boxes in walk-in freezer; floors showing signs of wear in walk-in fridge.”
  • Royle School133 Mansfield Ave.Jan. 13GOOD — 98 — Inspector’s remarks: “Large tray of cookies on the line (uncovered upon arrival and some children not using tongs); cover light in storage.” Inspector’s additional comments: “Good hand-washing practices observed.”
  • Tokeneke School — 7 Old Farm Road — Jan. 22GOOD — 100


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