Noroton Heights Shopping Center 2019

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Glen Liquors May Move to Temporary Structure in Palmer’s Parking Lot

Noroton Heights Shopping Center renderings
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When the Noroton Heights Shopping Center buildings are torn down (now expected to happen in October), Glen Liquors may be in a temporary structure in a corner of the parking lot next to Palmer’s Market, the Planning & Zoning Commission was told last week. The project to replace the shopping center at near the corner of Hollow Tree Ridge Road and Heights Road with a combination of stores and apartments is expected to begin with tearing down the present buildings in October. Then it will take about two years for the new buildings to open, the commission was told. (more…) Continue Reading →

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When Darien’s Three Huge Business Development Projects are Expected To Break Ground

Rendering Baywater Corbin Post Road
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Three large commercial developments are expected to begin with the knocking down of buildings as early as this summer, for one project; fall or winter, for another, and “late in 2019” for a third, according to Darien Planning & Zoning Director Jeremy Ginsberg. (more…) Continue Reading →

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