Police: Three Motor Scooter Thieves Arrested Wednesday Afternoon at Darien Railroad Station

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Darien police arrested three men who police say were stealing motor scooters from Darien Railroad Station on Wednesday afternoon after police were tipped off by a call at 2:49 p.m.

The police announcement about the arrests, sent by Detective James Palmieri, provided no information about evidence other than from the caller and a statement from one of the men. Police gave this account of the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

The caller told police that three males were trying to steal motor scooters, attempting to force the scooters off of the rack where they were parked. The caller said the men were walking them down the sidewalk, apparently because they didn’t have keys to start them. A description of the three men and the clothing they were wearing went out to police officers. When a police patrol car approached the area, one of the men, Tyler Barnett, saw the car and ran off.

Surveillance video suspected thief in vehicle

Police Release Image of Male Suspected of Looking for Loot in Motor Vehicle

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“DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?” Darien police ask in a post on Facebook. Images from a video show a young man or teenager both inside and outside a vehicle in the driveway at night. The time stamp on the video indicates the suspect was in what appears to be a sport utility vehicle at 1:06 a.m., Sunday, June 30 (assuming the time stamp is correct). “The victim of a motor vehicle burglary in town was able to provide the Darien police with these great surveillance images of the criminal thanks to their home-surveillance equipment,” the Friday morning post said.

Police Patrol Car SUV Police Car Police

Five Stolen Vehicles, 14 Total Entered on Various Nights Last Week

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Darien police, who had previously announced that five vehicles had been stolen last week, and a total of 11 entered, on Tuesday provided details about those incidents and three more over the weekend. All of the vehicles appear to have been unlocked, and the stolen ones also had keys inside. In almost all cases, the thefts seem to have occurred overnight. Darien police included a statement again reminding residents to lock their cars, and provided some additional information about the problem of unlocked vehicles (published here at the bottom of the article). Five Vehicles Stolen
Darien Railroad Station—Daytime—Tuesday, July 2
A 2019 Land Rover Valar was stolen from the lot nearest the eastbound tracks (the side next to Dunkin Donuts).

Bicycles parked Darien Railroad Station Darien Train Station Bikes 09-18-17

Another Bike Stolen from Darien Train Station

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A bicycle valued at $850 was stolen late Wednesday afternoon at Darien Railroad Station, despite being locked to the bike rack on the north (West Avenue) side of the station, Darien police said. The owner told police the bicycle was left at the station at about 8:25 a.m., Wednesday, March 13. Surveillance video records showed a male approach the bike at about 4:15 p.m. that day, manipulate the lock and then ride away on the bicycle. Police provided no description of the thief, the bicycle or the lock (which was not found at the scene). The victim called police at 1:23 a.m., Thursday.