Police: Darien Woman, 22, Waved a Knife Around During Argument

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A 22-year-old Darien woman picked up a knife in the kitchen, waved it around, then threw it on the floor during an argument on Saturday, March 8, a fellow resident of the house told police late that night.

The woman was given a misdemeanor summons charging her with disorderly conduct and told to appear Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Why Certain Information Isn’t in This Report: Darien Police Statement

In compliance with Connecticut Public Act 15-211, amending CGS Sec 54-86d and CGS Sec 54-86e, the name of the victim in this Domestic Violence incident has not been included in the report narrative as CGS Sec 54-86d and 54-86e extends confidentiality protections to victims of Domestic Violence.

The victim was confirmed to be parties in relationships that falls under the protections of the applicable statutes and were listed as “Victim #1” throughout the report narrative.

Darienite.com isn’t reporting even the street in this case. Here’s our policy on not reporting names in some arrest reports.

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